[Approved] My NFT Modelling Project

As a Model career-wise, Im Proposing for my Web3 NFT Exclusive Face Modelling

This should make me the first NFT Model in my state, :yum: i cant wait to see it fly :heart_decoration:

to be able to carry this out, ill need total sum of $900 which the funding goes to

Renting of Costume $250
Payment of Photographer including high grade camera rentage and editing $500
Creative director $150
Total of
thank you #afrostar-guild
@sterryo @bgem @ifeoluwa


very curious in how the result will look like :blush:


yes :yum: :yum: i bet this i gonna be super amazing

the process will also be recorded and minted!


Hello! You remember me a web3 project for Models… I think it was Sankore2.0 leading it.


Oh, I actually have no idea… but this Nigeria, I work with Afrostar Guild, as they only support everything concerning female creative.

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you know its always a green-light for us in whatever you do… :smiley:
:raised_hands: your majesty.

and this proposal is epic! we approveit.

Yes Guyz, my NFTs are ready, and minted now!! yup!
pls purchase! its just 10 NEAR per copy!

thank you :heart: :heart:

@sterryo @bgem @Duchess @ifeoluwa

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Thank You @EVELYN, they are all beautiful and epic :heart::heart: