[APPROVED] AfroStar Guild Web3 Modelling (May)

Thank you AfroStar/NEAR for granting this opportunity to become a WEB3 Model, Followed by the success of my First NFT project, it has inspired many more of other female models into this path which will bring more value into the near Ecosystem
i’m gonna be bringing them monthly, And This Month Ive got @GLORIA
She does her illustrate stories on characters and wear it as make up on her face

She’s gonna be doing exclusive ones for us, while we mint them for her as NFT on our AfroStar GUILD Store.

Renting of Costume $200
Make Up Artiste. 200
Payment of Photographer including high grade camera rent-age and editing $500
Creative director $100
Total of $1000

@sterryo @Duchess @RUTHY
thank you #afrostar-guild


It’s a go. Dear! :heart::heart: Love it!

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I like the first project done on this and its results! lets go ahead with the model crafts!

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Hi GUYZ. GLORIA did it! She’s GOT The NEAR Face and the YORUBA DEMON!
She’s also onboarded, and she got NEAR Wallet now!

@sterryo @bgem


beautiful like damn!

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