[APPROVED] AfroStar Guild Female Creatives Project (MAY)

MAY on the NEAR blockchain!
This is a versatile month of may with AfroStar Female Creatives
This Month, Weve Got

She’s a self taught talented digital artist, and she has only be minting her works on OPEN SEA.
We met with her, talked to her about collaboration, onboarding her on NEAR Protocol, doing project with her and minting them in AfroStar store on mintbase .

To create pieces of NFTs and minting with NEAR for the first time.
J PEARL KING’s art is expensive,
Getting her to Make 5 pieces of her art for us will cost $100 each = $500
videographer to record the process of making for arts which will serve as educational purpose for our guild members and also be minted and $200
Total of $700

& We’ve got JANEY ART
She’s Lagos based Oil on Canvas painting artist

She’s gonna be painting pieces of art for us LIVE! Which are both gonna be minting the digitally scanned art and the physical art as collectible on mintbase

The process of making it is also gonna be minted as NFTs!

$1000 Is requested to paint five art physically, which will also be converted to digital art.
materials needed:
easel $200
linseed oil $70
gesso, $30
charcoal pencil $40
4 boards $25 each = $100 for 4

videographer to record the process of making for arts which will serve as educational purpose for our guild members and also be minted and $200

Janey ART’s payment for work
total: $1000

total $1700

@sterryo @bgem @Duchess


Very interesting proposal


Awesome​:heart_eyes: fire projects for the month :fire:

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it lokks very interesting! lets do it!

Hey @ifeoluwa , looks like a cool project and it’s great to see new artists being introduced to the ecosystem. I was just wondering if you could give a more detailed cost breakdown of the prices above as it’s not very clear! Thank you :slight_smile:


thank you so much, chief, the proposal has just been edited, and the cost breakdown has just been made clear. please do check through again :slightly_smiling_face: thanks for being curious :heart_hands:


nice breakdown, @ifeoluwa should have tell you to clear this, but we already know from the Telegram chat, pls next time the breakdown is essential, for the purpose of the Forum proposal. thanks to @ted.iv for bringing this out for clearity!


oh yea, better now, and i hope its clearer now… @ted.iv thanks you, king

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@ifeoluwa that’s very helpful! thanks for giving the extra detail


thank so much all, next time I will be more detailed! :pray: :pray: lets go :surfing_woman:
@ted.iv @bgem @sterryo


Hi guyz, I’m here to update us that both project are still in process, JANEY ART will be ready by Thursday, J Pearl will be ready on Monday
and both will be updated here! thank you guyz



okay @ifeoluwa we await there magic!

[Report] JANEY is Done with her project!

She painted Kendrick Lamar’s new album art "MR MORALE’
and 2 other arts all now minted on AFROSTAR GUILD Store on mintbase.

@sterryo @ted.iv @bgem

Art Collectibles available for whoever buy the NFT!


Epic paintings :fire: especially the mr morale! I’m buying a copy!

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