[Approved]: Marma J Foundation ETH Milan Initiatives x Creatives DAO

[PROPOSAL]: Marma J Foundation ETH Milan Initiatives x Creatives DAO

Funding Period: September - October 2023


DAO Introduction

The Marma J Foundation serves as the umbrella organization for its two major sub-DAOs: Marma J Gaming DAO and MarmaJchan DAO. These sub-DAOs operate at the intersection of gaming, creativity, and blockchain technology. Their primary focus is to drive awareness, build brand recognition, and foster engagement within the Marma J Foundation community and the broader NEAR ecosystem.

Why Our Team is the Best Fit for This Funding

Our team consists of seasoned professionals in the fields of gaming, creativity, and blockchain technology. With a deep understanding of the NEAR ecosystem, we are uniquely qualified to execute these initiatives successfully.

Participants Specific To This Initiative

  • @chloe (Founder, Marma J Foundation): Representing Marma J Gaming, her primary role will be to commission artists for the Pixel Party project.

  • @bianca (Creative Director, Marma J Foundation): Representing MarmaJchan DAO, she will lead the initiative of creating a comic series featuring the Marma J Foundation’s official mascot, MarmaJchan.


Marma J Gaming

Our vision is to bring the worlds of blockchain, gaming, and art together in a meaningful way. Prior to ETH Milan, we will be commissioning 12 artists to create Italy-themed pixel art on Marma J Gaming’s Pixel Party. Each Italy-themed pixel artwork will be created by Web3 artists and minted as NFTs. These artworks will be showcased at ETH Milan to demonstrate the transformative power of collaboration in blockchain, gaming, and art within the NEAR ecosystem.

MarmaJchan DAO

The MarmaJchan DAO is committed to fostering a community of Web3 creatives and showcasing the power of artistic collaboration within the NEAR ecosystem. For our ETH Milan initiative, we will be commissioning 3 artists to create 3 unique comic strips. Each comic strip will feature the Marma J Foundation’s official mascot, MarmaJchan, and narrate a short story in comic form. Additionally, each comic design will include a QR code that links to the comic’s NFT on ShardDog.

These comics will be physically printed and distributed at the ETH Milan conference. Beyond the physical distribution, the comics will also be minted as NFTs and integrated with ShardDog. This serves as a dual-purpose educational and onboarding tool: attendees without NEAR wallets can learn about the ecosystem, while those with NEAR wallets can receive a digital copy of the comic directly into their wallets.


  • September: We will have an Open Call for artists to participate in the MarmaJchan DAO and Marma J Gaming DAO initiatives for ETH Milan. We will evaluate applications on an incoming basis, make our selection, and then commission our chosen artists.

  • September 25 (MarmaJchan DAO): Deadline to complete the comic series featuring MarmaJchan.

  • September 30 (Marma J Gaming DAO on Pixel Party): Deadline to complete pixel artwork for Pixel Party.

  • September 25-30: Printing of comics.

  • October 5&6: Presentation at the ETH Milan conference.


Marma J Gaming

  • Commissioning 12 artists: $11.50 USD per artist

  • Total: $144 USD

MarmaJchan DAO

  • Commissioning 3 artists: $35 USD per artist

  • Total: $105 USD

Comic Printing

  • Printing 250 copies of each of the 3 comic designs: $275 USD

Administrative Tasks

  • For minting and administrative tasks, we estimate a total of $15 USD.

Total Request Amount in USD: $539 USD

Target Wallet: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

We appreciate the Creatives DAO for considering our initiative and their continued support. We look forward to meeting up in ETH Milan and showcasing this initiative!


Love there work Creatives DAO is great


Hey @marmajfoundation
Could you please share your report for the approved proposal from June?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @Paul! Apologies for the delay in getting this report to you.

Please see the report here: [Approved] MarmaJchan VRM Project - #6 by marmajfoundation

Thank you kindly :smiley:


The proposal was granted approval on September 26th within the funding vertical of CreativesDAO, delineating the following details:


Please follow the steps in the guide below in order to receive a grant:

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Hello! Thank you so much for approving our proposal.

We have completed Step 1 & 2 of the Funding Guidelines.

We are so excited to showcase this project at ETH Milan!

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