[APPROVED] Social Media + Blogs Budget for Marma J Foundation

[PROPOSAL] Social Media + Blogs Budget for Marma J Foundation

Guild Name: Marma J Foundation

Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary

Hello! My name is Bianca (bianca.near), and I am the Creative Director of the Marma J Foundation guild. We are excited to be in the NEAR space building our community. Our aim is to spread love and positivity by creating and supporting various ventures in the web3 space. With a background in digital marketing, my goal is to raise awareness of the Marma J Foundation to grow our community, incentivize them to create within the NEAR ecosystem, and educate them about NEAR and the web3 space.

My proposal is to create 2 blogs each month that focus on educating our community on how to build and create projects under the Marma J Foundation guild on NEAR. For example, I would like to create guides that instruct our community on how to create and submit proposals to our DAO, the Dapps and tools available in the NEAR ecosystem that can support their projects, and the value for community members who contribute to our guild; powered by NEAR protocol. To amplify the voice of these blogs and guides that come into existence, I would like to promote our work via social media. The most efficient way to do this, in my opinion, is to schedule social media messages through a post scheduler (Zoho Social, which does have a monthly fee. See included cost in “Funding Details”).

Links to Marma J Socials:

Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook

Not only would these marketing objectives support the Marma J Foundation, but I also foresee added value to the NEAR ecosystem in the following ways:

Metrics for measuring success:

Estimated timeline and achievement milestones:

The estimated timeline to complete these objectives will be 1 month. Achievement milestones include:

  • Growing the Marma J Foundation community via Telegram
  • Increase daily traffic to our blog (monitored via Google Analytics)
  • Gaining followers through our social media accounts.

I would like to renew this proposal on a monthly basis and include reports of these achievements if proven to be successful.

Previous work within the NEAR ecosystem

Check out my portfolio of previously funded forum proposals here: [PORTFOLIO] Check out my work within the NEAR Ecosystem to date!

Funding Details

Total requested amount

  • USD: $339.78
  • NEAR (price based at the time of posting): 56 NEAR (NEAR at 6.08 USD at the time of posting)

NEAR Wallet ID / DAO: marmaj.sputnik-dao.near

Wallet owner’s name: Marma J DAO

Funding Breakdown

2 original and high-quality blogs per month:

  • $150.00 USD/blog

Zoho Social: Standard Plan, $11.30 USD / month (tax included)

Canva: $12.30 USD/ month (tax included)

Canva will be used to create high-quality images and graphics to accompany social and blog posts

Trading Fees:

$16.18 USD

Because this proposal is paid out in NEAR, I will need to trade the NEAR to CAD. I use Crypto.com to withdraw from NEAR to CAD which involves multiple swaps. The fee to use this platform is about 5% to get the funds to my bank account (Canva and Zoho social will be charged to my credit card). Because of these fees, I would also like to request an additional $16.18 USD.


Thank you for this breakdown @bianca ! :triangular_flag_on_post: @David_NEAR @cryptocredit @satojandro , let’s add this to our September budget request :slight_smile:

Do you have a Telegram or Email in case we need to reach out to you for a chat? :telephone_receiver:


@jcatnear Yes! I can be reached on telegram @biancavella :smiley:


Hi @bianca congrats on a well written proposal. Happy to see the Marma J Foundation grow!

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Hi Bianca, please go ahead and file for your proposal in the Marketing Vertical Sputnik DAO

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Thank you so much @cryptocredit! We are excited to start implementing these marketing initiatives and grow even more within the NEAR ecosystem.

Thank you @jcatnear!! We appreciate the support. Just submitted the proposal :slight_smile:

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