[APPROVED] Marketing funding for mental maze (September, 2023)

Hello, NEAR community!

We are excited to announce that Mental Maze has entered the first phase of launch as we move away from our productive months in June through July and August, which were full of preparations for a first testnet.

Mental Maze is a blockchain-built protocol designed with a combination of a mind challenging puzzle and a corresponding reward system, built on blockchain NFT technology. Players will therefore be expected to scale different levels of the puzzle to earn rewards based on their speed and accuracy. The rewards surpass the stress by far, not to mention the awesome adventurous experience. Mental Maze is built on Aurora.

With that update in mind, we would like to propose an extension of the project deadline for September. This pushback will be essential to ensure we finance the key features that need to be implemented, during this new phase. The following are the main areas in which we require funding:

  • Research and Development
  • Recruit team members for more efficiency
  • Marketing and Outreach
  • Manage in-built game creations


Research and development: For a successful launch, there is a need to carry out robust research and development activities. Activities like further testing, optimizing the game’s performance and enhancing the user’s experience.

Recruiting more members to enhance efficiency: As Mental Maze grows, there is a need to recruit more team members to increase productivity and ensure the timely delivery of tasks.

Marketing and outreach: We aim to reach 500 registered players on the waiting list. We need to allocate resources for publicity and outreach efforts to maximize the effect of our launch. To this end, working with gaming communities and preparing more content that informs potential players about the benefits of Mental Maze.

Manage in-built game creations: To ensure that the creators of Mental Maze’s games are fairly compensated for their work. It also includes the provision of the opportunity to sponsor those games with tokens.

By extending the proposal timeline to include September, we aim to ensure that we have the necessary financial resources to execute these crucial tasks and pave the way for a successful launch. We are confident that this strategic investment will yield positive outcomes and position us for long-term growth.


  • Increase Games and quizzes for community- - - - $500

  • Partnerships with Schools, and blockchain communities- - $1000

Research and Development- - - - - - - - $600

Recruit team members for more efficiency:

  • A Dev for BOS frontend - - - - - - –$700

Manage in-built game creations: - - - - - - -$500

TOTAL FUNDS for september- - - - - - - $3,300

Thank you for considering our proposal. We are eager to discuss the details further and address any questions or concerns you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

It is expected that, with due use of these funds, we should be able to achieve

  1. 500 users on-chain by testent
  2. BOS frontend after testent to be able to enable near native users
  3. Partnered with 3 Blockchain communities for Marketing purpose
  4. Added 10 In game Puzzles for community consumption.

Tagging @marketingdao-council for review.

Best regards,

Mental Maze Team.

Team Members

Igboze Israel

Steve Akin

Jesumuyiwa Grace

Ijaola Omotola

Ogbleba Regina

Connect with Us:







Wallet ID: mentalmaze.near

Telegram: @israel_igboze


nice you are doing great work MarketingDAO Community :two_hearts:


Thank for your proposal

i have been following your project’s development closely over the past few months

But, my concern is that if your game is on the testnet stage and looking for more participants and visibility, 2k is not going to be sustainable unless you come back next month and ask for another round of funding, which is not guaranteed.

I will be happy to have a call and discuss more…

Hello, thanks for your kind words.

Yes, we tried to be minimal but if we can get a raise, that will be good.

Is 4k a good amount to get funded?

Hello @Bakaka i have edited the proposal to make it 3,300.

We are sure that this is sustainable for a period of one month.

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael – thanks for your response to feedback and updating the proposal. You have my support for this. I look forward to seeing how it goes.

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Thank you, happy to support and looking forward to your report

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Thanks for supporting our project. We sure look forward to deliver all our KPIs

Thanks for the support. We sure promise to deliver as planned

Hi @IgbozeIsrael – You have received majority council support for this proposal. Moving to approved.

Next steps:

Your application was approved by Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO at NDC. The approved proposal will be included in the next MDAO budget request to NDC trust. The trust needs to authorize it first and then transfer funds to Marketing DAO treasury: the expected payment date is the last week of September.

So, during this time, please do the following:

  1. Fill out the form to pass KYC

  2. Wait for future instruction from Marketing (Ecosystem) DAO and an invitation to create a transfer on Astro DAO.

  3. Please join NDC Marketing HUB to discuss this and future projects.

  4. Refer to the Marketing DAO Funding Guide as needed.

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