[Approved] Mental Maze Marketing and Community Activities for February

Mental Maze is an ultra-modern protocol that utilizes Blockchain technology to provide users with an unparalleled gaming experience. Mental Maze is a Create, Play, and challenge to earn Puzzle gaming Protocol. Mental Maze utilizes web2 & web3 technology to achieve decentralization, scalability, security and transparency.

Mental Maze is a cutting-edge web3 gaming company revolutionising the gaming industry.

Mental Maze is a create, challenge and play-to-earn gaming ecosystem built on Aurora.

Our GitHub is not open source at this moment as we are still in development. However, we can open or invite key stakeholders to have a look.

About Mental Maze:

Mental Maze is a web3 game designed with a combination of mind-challenging puzzles and a corresponding reward system, built on blockchain NFT technology. Players will therefore be expected to scale different puzzle levels to earn rewards based on their speed and accuracy. The rewards surpass the stress by far, not to mention the awesome adventurous experience

State of the Project

Given the state of the V1 Mainnet, the product is in a face where it needs two basic things.

  • Grassroot marketing
  • Continuous technical development for V2 mainnet.

Success so far in terms of community:

We are thrilled to see an overwhelming response from the gaming community during our testnet testing phase. Our Discord channel has grown to over 23 live games, 189 members, and 72 creators buzzing with excitement. Players and creators have provided valuable feedback, helping us improve the game experience and build a strong community.


  • Limited development team (Need for additional mobile app developer)
  • Marketing budget constraints
  • Administrative expenditures

Addressing these challenges is crucial for the growth and success of Mental Maze. We are actively working to find solutions and allocate resources accordingly.

Solution to challenges

  • Build The Puzzle Launch Pad section of the product
  • Vamp marketing activities by onboarding a marketing manager

Promised Delivery via the solution

  • Onboarding up to 5k users. Through IRL activities, schools and blockchain communities, and online workshops
  • Increased users of NEAR and Aurora up to 1k Daily users
Project Roadmap/Timeline of Delivery
  • February 2024- - - - - V2 Design, and implementation begins
  • February and March 2024- - - - - Community activities to onboard 2-3k members (on-chain via Aurora pass) into the project and 100-200k daily users
Funds needed/ Direct purpose

February $4000

  1. Promoting Mental Maze/Aurora Pass

  2. Onboard creators (20-50 each)/Players

  3. Create quizzes about different areas of life based on their audience.

Community Events $500

  • Contests: Content contest about Mental Maze on Twitter
  • Game Tournament (on-chain): Puzzles created by the Team to give away to the community. This has no gat
  • Five Online AMA with blockchain Hubs. Hubs will be contacted upon receiving funding.

Expected outcome of the Community Events

  • Onboard 300-400 users into Mental Maze. Both creators and Players

  • Generate 100-150 players for the Game Tournament

  • Make Mental Maze public via social media pages.

  • Local Ambassadors programme $2000

University students (10)

In January, we started the ambassador programme with 10 students and we would want to increase the number for mass onboarding.

We will be selecting 10 more students from across all the universities from other parts of the world who apply for the program. A summary of their duties is as follows:

  • Create 30-80 puzzles weekly
  • Onboard players of their puzzles.
  • Onboard more students from their schools
  • Onboard 3-5 departments from their schools to hold quizzes

Details of the programme implementation are found below docs AMBASSADOR PROGRAM DETAILS/SCOPE - Google Docs

Team $1500

Igboze Israel Team Lead

Steve Akin Co-Team Lead

Ajemark Frontend developer

Jesumuyiwa Grace UI/UX designer

Ijaola Omotola Game creator

Ogbleba Regina Content writer

Connect with Us:







Wallet ID: mentalmaze.near

Telegram: @israel_igboze

Email: ii0430619@gmail.com

Thanks to the @AuroraCommunityDAO council for support, comments and questions.


Hey @IgbozeIsrael thanks for the proposal – can you link your most recent Mental Maze report in the proposal so it’s available with this?

For dev work, I’d recommend working with DevHub now that we have the new structure to the Grassroots DAOs.

In reviewing the proposal, it is not clear to me how the marketing activities proposed will track performance metrics. Can you look at the KPIs outlined in the most recent NDC announcement and let us know which of the 5 metrics outlined your project will capture and how you plan to do that?


Continuing the discussion from [PROPOSAL] Mental Maze Marketing and Community Activities:

Hello @so608 thanks for this question.

If you take a look at the ambassador programme focus. It is largely to market the product and onboard new users.

This directly fits into the account retention KPI

Also since its its aim at gamers why not submit it to the gaming dao for funding since they also fund games on Aurora.


Thanks for the suggestion.
This proposal is directed to @AuroraCommunityDAO based on the conversation I had with the councils.

I haven’t reached out to GameDAO yet.

Mental Maze V1 is primarily a quiz platform.

It’s the V2 mainnet that captures the puzzle launchpad.

I am skeptical that GameDAO will fund us when our V1 mainnet is a quiz platform.

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Quizes and puzzles are also games so it fits the gaming funding criteria

Hi @IgbozeIsrael – Thanks for the reply to my questions. From what I understand, you’ve redirected this proposal so we can close this for now?

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Apologies for the mix up. It’s the change in the DAO direction that caused it.

A quick one.
Does this fit 100% with MDAO?

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Hi @IgbozeIsrael

“This proposal is directed to @AuroraCommunityDAO based on the conversation I had with the councils.”

I see that you have redirected this proposal. Please rememder to ensure future proposals fully align with the MDAO KPIs. Thanks