[APPROVED] Linha’s first issue “Cabra Cega” - MAY 2022

Project duration: 28th April to 6th May 2022

Project name: Cabra Cega

Total request amount: 347,39 USD in Near

Target: coletivolinha.near

Objective: Releasing our very first issue “Cabra Cega” an exhibition inside a Zine


Linha is a collective that arose from the necessity of new alternatives to culture. When there are artists without a voice, Linha will give them one, as it was created with the intent of belonging to its contributors as much as it belongs to its creators.

This is our first contact with the world of NFT’s and cryptocurrency with the help of Arroz Estúdios. Back in December we applied to “Planting A.I.R" (Artists In Residence) and although we weren’t officially selected the Arroz’s community and especially @CatiaCiriaco , project ambassador, offered us a place to work and give our project wings to fly.


So far we have created a stand-alone issue of the Linha Zine. The Zine is itself a gallery where artists are welcome to come in and showcase their work, fill the pages with their performance, their sculptures, and even musical sets. Within our pages anything is possible as we expand the limitations of the print medium: with the help of current technology, we can make it so the paper adapts and enters a digital universe for audiovisual experiences. For example, a concert would require the audience to use their phones, creating a unique moment where paper merges with technology.

For the first issue we invited three artists, Rita Caldo, Fátima Andrea and Assunção, who will all be part of the exhibition titled “Cabra Cega”. It’s an exhibition that focuses primarily on three stages of life: Birth; Being a Child; Being an Adult. The three women merge into one being creating a turmoil of uncertainties.
At what point does life stop being just a game?
Wanna play Cabra Cega?

Every issue released will be accompanied by a physical event where the featured artists will exhibit their work. The inauguration and pre-sale took place on the 28th of April 2022 at Arroz Estúdios in Lisbon where we showcased their artwork.

Meanwhile we started working on the 2nd issue, planning releasing it later this year within the universe of NFT’s and selling in the Arroz’s shop.

In order to make the Linha Zine we require financial assistance to print and release it.
We are asking for a total of 347,39$ that will be used in:
Printing zines: 316,39$
Production costs:31$


Many thanks to @raquelareia for helping and including us in the Near community


Some photos of the exhibition:

It was held in one of Arroz’s shipping container!

With creepy and tiiiiny sculptures

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My pleasure, @Coletivo.Linha !!!


@Coletivo.Linha so beautiful! Loved it!

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@Coletivo.Linha, it was a pleasure to host you at Arroz Estúdios, and see your Zine grow from day 1. It’s an amazing project and am sure that will be a successful one. Looking forward for the 2nd edition :wink:


Heyyy! Little update:
Our proposal got approved at @arroz-criativo this month and we got to work immediatly! Thanks @raquelareia e @CatiaCiriaco :^)
Portugal is dealing with a little paper crisis at the moment so we couldn’t get the exact paper we wanted initially. The professionals at “Digiset” recommended us recicled paper in a greyer shade and let me tell you it worked like fine wine. Here’s a photo of a printing test we did at the printing shop. (Its the middle pages and the cover)

It matches our concept and brings out the colours really beautifully. We have a few surprises inside in tracing paper as well. The 50 zines will be ready in a few weeks and then we can get start selling them in local illustration indie markets and of course online.
See you soon,


Nice work, @Coletivo.Linha!

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