[APPROVED] LFC Loop beatmaker competition


6 months - 1 loop competition every 6 weeks = 4 competitions in total


We want to engage our LFC artists and wider beatmaker community with the $NEAR Protocol and all the wonderful initiatives built upon it. By organizing loop competitions for beatmakers and awarding winners with $NEAR, we believe that we can attract the right interest of creative souls and assist them in better understanding blockchain, DAO’s, set them up with a wallet and show what $NEAR is doing for the community. The winner of each of the 4 competitions will see his music minted as NFT for sale on the shop & the original loops will be made available via the LFC bandcamp page.


  • Track must be atleast 1min 30secs long
  • The sample provided must be used and has to be chopped up or reworked
  • All the other samples used in the track must be obtained in a legit way
  • Genre preferably in the lofi / chillhop / beats sphere

Overview of beatmaker competition:

  • Provide 1 loop per competition
  • Wrap the competitions in a concept based on the loops (for example 4 seasons) with help of our professional designer Simas Gra.
  • Launch and run/manage this competition via LFC website
  • Promote through socials, newsletter and $NEAR community
  • Voting will be done by original loop creator + LFC team

100$ for organization + promotion strategy/execution
400$ prize money for winners (100$ per competition, #1: 60$, #2: 30$, #3: 10$)
150$ creation of the loops + mastering of final beats for nfts
100$ for artwork (25$ per competition but tied to 1 concept)
100$ for marketing (50$ social ads - 50$ via DAO community bounty)

Total 850$

Samples from our previous beatmaker competition:

Winning tracks from our previous competition:

Example of our designer Simas Gra’s previous work:
(IG: @drk.duke)


---------------it would be cool!-----------------

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Hey there!

muti is happy to approve this for the month of May as our April budget is already full. If that works for you, we’ll include it in the next budget :slight_smile:

Hi Tabear

Thanks for the heads up and the opportunity.
May works great for us - I’ll inform our designer who can already start working on sketches and set him up with a wallet :slight_smile:

Glad to be working together.
Matt - LFC Team

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Awesome :slight_smile: As much as we would love to see this being started already, I would recommend waiting until May. As muti DAO is currently still receiving funds from the Creatives DAO to support most of the projects, we rely on their approval, which will only be given once we sent the May budget (end of April/beginning of May). In order to not have worked without being compensated, I would give it until May and the final approval.

Nevertheless muti has always open doors for collabs or NFT experiments in the store if you’d like :slight_smile:

All clear Tabear, guess we got a bit excited hehe.
We will have some more patience for final confirmation :slight_smile:

Have a nice rest of the week,

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We feel ya :slight_smile:
We just want to be sure nor work is done without reward but we will keep you posted! In case in the meantime you and your fellow beatmakers wanna check out muti or work with streams etc. feel free to join our TG :slight_smile:

Heya @Lofi-Clouds !
We received the budget for your project now so you can go ahead and request the first half of it (450 USD in DAI) from our DAO and the remaining 400 DAI after 2 successful competitions.
Use your proposal link here in the forum for the external link on Astro DAO and let us know if you need help with the onboarding or NEARdrops to create wallets for the participants which will already include a small amount of N.

Keep in mind that the nDAI can not be sent to an exchange platform directly, you would use ref.finance first to convert it back to N and send it.

Feel free to join and invite the folks to our TG chat so we can also share the project & reply to questions on how to convert etc :slight_smile:

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