[report] near nigeria june activities

Greetings from NEAR NIGERIA, The oldest and biggest Guild in terms of community and marketing in Africa.
We are here to give a detailed report of the month of june activities as made by the proposal last month
June approved proposal .

To simplify the report the core team of NEAR NIGERIA was broken down into 7 sub teams to accomplish task.


The social media team currently manage the following social media accounts

The social media team made the following in the month of june.
92 post on twitter
85 post on LinkedIn
85 post on Facebook
83 post on Instagram

Topics covered in each post included

  1. Latest news in the NEAR ECOSYSTEM
  2. AMA sections ads
  3. Weekly community greetings on specific days
  4. Dispatch information regarding Twitter spaces
  5. Marketing Advertisements contents of our partners
  6. Educational series
  7. Developers series.

The month of june saw increase growth in all social media platforms as we were able to establish atleast 25% growth in followers of each platform and increase engagement including comments and reactions. This can be seen via our twitter account analysis

Social media report and analysis


Currently the NEAR NIGERIA community still remains on telegram Telegram: Contact @NPKGUILD as there are plans to create a discord channel once more specialisation comes in.
In the month of june the community managers were able to achieve the following

  1. Community moderations
  2. Create internship program to train individuals interested in learning how to be a better community manager
  3. Community growth in terms of new members, new active members and Daily post
  4. Create events in the community to make sure members are interested in the NEAR ECOSYSTEM such as weekly AMA, Trivia Night and Discussion Nights.
  5. Answer community members in terms of NEAR related questions
  6. Ancored two platform AMAs with myriad and stader
    As can be seen by the image below we were able to increase the community numbers and community participation.



The graphics team as been exceptional as really i dont see any other team who can deliver this quality product with such limited budgets. In the month of june, the graphics team created

  1. 32 still graphics in relation to various activities in NEAR ECOSYSTEM
  2. 5 graphics in relations to our recent partnerships
  3. 3 graphics in relation to written content created by NEAR NIGERIA
  4. 6 graphics in relation to translated articles
  5. 3 graphics in relation to NPK TALK SERIES
  6. 2 videos.

From the graphics below you can see the quality of products from this sub-team and our recent partners are interested in working with them.



This team consists of copy writers and Technical content writers. This team as been feeding communities within and outside NEAR of information needed to grow, sustain and Educate a community. In the month of june the team was able to

  1. create 3 articles focused on community growth and Decision making via DAOs
  2. Create our weekly newsletter called NPK TALK SERIES
  3. In collaboration with the NEAR NIGERIA dev lead start up a series called ZERO to HERO series created to upgrade a newbie into a Fully fledged RUST DEV.

From the analysis below you can see the increased interaction with our various contents on medium

Content creation Team report and Analysis

               **TRANSLATION TEAM**

The translation team is fully tasked with translating NEAR RELATED CONTENTS into the 3 biggest languages in Nigeria which are YORUBA, IGBO and HAUSA and during the month of june were able to create 9 translation focusing on monthly summary of town hall meeting of the month of june and other activities.

Translation Team report and Analysis


The month of june was a new era in NEAR NIGERIA as the developers team was Formed both are NCD holders with each knowledgeable in RUST and JavaScript.

During the month of june, they were able to

  1. start the ZERO to HERO SERIES a marketing pathway to onboard newbie developers to learn from scratch and build on NEAR

This is a new team formed to

  1. Foster collaborations between NEAR NIGERIA and projects built on NEAR, AURORA AND OCTOPUS NETWORK
  2. Foster collaborations between NEAR NIGERIA and entities outside the NEAR ECOSYSTEM in order to promote NEAR in Nigeria and Africa
  3. Create an opportunity for projects to market their usecases in Nigeria and Africa
  4. Make NEAR NIGERIA self sustainable as we as a Guild see the already established social goods of NEAR NIGERIA as a product projects will want to use to fill up their marketing, operations and technical aspects of their projects.

So Far we have established 6 partnership with projects such as Atocha, Sankore, stader labs and currently metapool, Rawbot and Loozr are in contact with us. Also we created a document all projects can use to see what we can offer to help them market their usecases in Nigeria and Africa.


AMA and Twitter space sessions
In the month of june we were able to host two project telegram AMAs and one educational Twitter space.

Thanks to the @marketingdao-council for always supporting us in our pursuit of greatness


Job well done to NEAR Protocol Nigeria Guild and the team members. This is actually amazing. Keep up the good job


We achieved great milestones this month, Nice one team!

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thanks for sharing your report.

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The report entails a lot keep it up. Love to join the program from zero to Hero

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