[Approved] JANUARY 2022 NEAR Social Media Marketing On RVCJ Media Budget & Plan

Hello NEARians, Let me start with a brief overview about me & the plan. I am Zubair, A Social media marketer and creative head with 3 years of experience. I had the plan to promote content about NEAR on RVCJ Media since long but couldn’t write earlier, I introduced the plan to @Dacha and he asked me to put a proposal.

Funding scheme : Monthly

About RVCJ Media,

RVCJ Media is India’s biggest Digital Media company, having 40Million+ followers base across all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), Verified on All platforms.

RVCJ is mainly focused on Memes & News and has a good reputation among brands since 11 years of foundation.

RVCJ has helped many brands like Amazon, klook, tinder, samsung, Sony etc. to promote their marketing campaigns via Memes & Infographics.

My Idea to promote NEAR :

NEAR Marketing team & Kitchen guild are doing great work bringing people to NEAR but currently we are promoting about NEAR only through Crypto influencers on YouTube or Twitter.

Their audience is already from crypto space.

My idea is to target general audience that is not much into crypto/blockchain. I would like to see NEAR as their first blockchain to use. This will help in our vision of Mass Adoption Of NEAR :call_me_hand:

Since RVCJ Media has a large amount of Indian audience I want to start this activity from them. RVCJ will be posting educational infographics, memes & updates about NEAR Ecosystem to bring attention of general people to NEAR Blockchain.

India has wide young audience to get attention to NEAR ❤️‍🔥

Number of Posts in a month & Planned accounts

Analytics of mentioned accounts & pages

RVCJ Media Twitter :

RVCJ Insta :

RVCJ insta Story Views :

Crypto Decoding Insta :


RVCJ Media Facebook Community Group :

  • 4 Infographics/Updates/Memes will be posted on each page highlighting features and guides of NEAR Protocol and the related article link will be put in BIO

  • 4 stories will be posted on RVCJ Insta also.

  • 1 Giveaway post will be done at the end of the month, Following will be the criteria for that.

Will organise Giveaway on RVCJ insta & RVCJ Twitter since these are the accounts with highest engagement.

RVCJ Will announce about this in the first post of the month and ask people to save it for the month end quiz. (600$ worth $NEAR reward pool)

1 - Followers participating in the giveaway will need to have NEAR Wallet, Those who don’t know how to create, we have them covered by posting link in Bio. of the Insta account.

  • This will help us getting new NEAR wallets from the general audience.

Every follower who will answer in comments need to put their wallet id compulsory. So nit only winners but many followers will create the NEAR wallet and bring mass.

2- We will ask 1-2 quiz questions from the 4 content posted in the month about NEAR.

  • This will bring general people’s interest to read about NEAR and keep the information in mind for the month. Those who didn’t give attention to the posts earlier will go through the content again and read about NEAR to answer the quiz questions :wink:

  • To help new people onboarding on NEAR, RVCJ will redirect them to NEAR India Community Group where our Moderators and community members will help them with the issues/queries.

3- Followers need to give right answers in comments with their wallet address.

4- Out of them all. Few lucky winners who gave the right answers will be picked randomly and prize will be distributed.

Proposed Budget for this activity :

  • RVCJ Twitter : 5 Tweets x $400 = $2000

  • RVCJ Insta Post, RVCJ Story, RVCJ Facebook Community, Crypto Decoding Insta : 5 Posts x $1400 = $7000

  • Giveaway prize will be distributed by RVCJ from the total budget proposed (i.e. $9000)

Total Budget : $9000 ~ (559 $NEAR at the price of $16.1 updated)

Wallet id : zubairansari.near

Wallet owner name : Zubair Ansari

  • I highly think that this plan is going to catch a lot of attention from general people to NEAR Blockchain. Once it gives us good result then we can propose more such activities on other network pages :slight_smile:

Would love to hear from the community and @marketingdao-council about the plan and looking forward to start the activity once approved :hugs:, May the NEAR Force be with you!

Thank you @Dacha for suggesting me to put the proposal on forum! :blush:


WOW. :heart_eyes:
Big fan of these groups. Have been following them from my school days.
Those memes by RVCJ are awesome🤩
Will love to see this happen this month if possible.


Definitely an awesome idea. This group seems to have a huuuge reach, almost 700k views in Instagram’s story is a lot. I consider this as an appropiate marketing movement, and the idea of onboarding people that never used crypto sounds great!
It would be a huge step for NEAR!

The only thing that im “worried” about is if that people will enter to NEAR, do you have a plan to make the onboarding easier? I’d love to know!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Hey Benz, Glad you liked the proposal idea :heart::raised_hands:

Yeah, On RVCJ insta Stories/Bio, We will be putting video links that we have on NEAR youtube channel or any previously created step to step guides. If required, I will personally assist them by making a telegram group of everyone who’d be willing to join NEAR and guide them or we can redirect them to NEAR India community


Sounds good! You have my support on this one!


Thanks Mate, Since I joined NEAR in Q1 of 2021 , I had the wish to make NEAR X RVCJ possible and bring general indian audience to the NEAR Blockchain :blush:


Thanks for your support, It really means a lot! :raised_hands:

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Wow! Crypto going through mainstream media now! I’m definitely excited to see NEAR on one of India’s biggest social media platform! Perhaps would help grow NEAR India Guild and could be part of their marketing plans! Hope this proposal gets accepted and a trend can also be started using a tag on these posts to get NEAR trending worldwide,wish it came a month back so we could redirect people to Learn and Earn events by CMC and Binance,could had helped educate a mass of people, anyways let’s see how it goes,I’m in support for this!!:heart_eyes_cat::eyes:

I would suggest to redirect them to NEAR India Telegram Group or India Channel on NEAR Discord server (https://near.chat) Ping me up if need help creating guides for onboarding :slight_smile:


You can also try to add NEAR India if there is a possible space in the post😅
Honestly speaking this can revive the NEAR India telegram community.
I will try to help out people if they have any basic issues onborading on NEAR Ecosystem.


Yeah, I have this in mind. For the people who will have doubts/queries while onboarding on NEAR. We will redirect them to NEAR Protocol Official group or NEAR India official group and NEAR community will help them :star_struck:


Thanks for the support Vikash :green_heart:, Yeah I had this idea since long but was figuring out to structure it in a good way.

Thanks for the suggestion. Whole idea is to grow NEAR in India so we will surely redirect new people to the NEAR India Guild :handshake:


Taking Near to next step ! I really love the idea ! This would Definitely escalate the idea of blockchain and Near into indian community ! I really appreciate your effort! I would love to this proposal in action !


Thanks for the support mate! I hope it works out well :heart:


Good evening. Thank You for your proposal :wave:Going to support it.

@gokubaba cool story :blush:


Thanks for your support @Dacha Sir, Means a lot! :raised_hands:


Hi @zubairansari07 very well presented proposal.

Good idea to aim to reach new users through your social media channels.

I would also echo the suggestion to integrate with the NEAR India community to ensure that new users get the support they need.

Perhaps the NEAR India Guild leader and NEAR India TG community admins will add their comments…


Thanks @cryptocredit , Yeah sure Idea of redirecting new users to NEAR India guild community group is there to guide them with the support!

@jiten123321 Let me know your views :blush:


Welcome @zubairansari07
Great proposal! Look forward to seeing the result of this work. You seem to have the experience for a successful execution!


Amazing Proposal Zubair, Excited to see RVCJ x NEAR :heart:

Looking forward to it.


Thanks For The Support Mam! I Would Be Giving My Best To Execute This Plan :blush:

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