[Closed] NEAR X RVCJ Media - APRIL 2022

Hello NEAR Fam, Hope everyone’s doing great! I am Zubair, Part of NEAR Community since about a year. I have been actively contributing to the projects on NEAR and part of some guilds as well. I am currently one of the councils of #onboarding-dao & #community:dao . I have sent out the same campaign proposal in January and had a good result supported by the #marketing:marketingdao councils and the community.

  • I Had the gap of two months due to some confusions and not knowing whether I should post the proposal again or move forward in collab with Kitchen guild. Since Kitchen Guild is don’t fall under marketing dao now. I had asked @Dacha for some suggestion and guidance. Thanks to him for suggesting to put proposal at the moment.

For those who don’t know about RVCJ, here’s a brief introduction:

RVCJ Media is India’s biggest Digital Media company, having 40Million+ followers base across all platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube), Verified on All platforms.

RVCJ is mainly focused on Memes & News and has a good reputation among brands since 11 years of foundation.

Idea to promote NEAR :

The basic idea remains the same i.e. to gain attention and bring non tech savy general audience to NEAR ecosystem and make NEAR as their first blockchain to interact and learn.

With the increasing craze of Web 3.0, I have been seeing people trying to learn about it more and get involved. NEAR offers them a learning platform with many programs such as NEAR university.

The idea is to bring them slowly with easy to understand content like RVCJ have posted before.


I have chosen RVCJ first for this campaign because it is India’s reputed Digital Media company and also have been promoting crypto related content in between. RVCJ has vast amount of audience, from every region and age group. RVCJ is verified on every platform which makes it influential and trustworthy.

Proposed Social Media Accounts to post content about NEAR Ecosystem:

Proposed Number of posts on these accounts - 5 Posts in a Month (Including 1 Quiz Giveaway contest)

Metrics of Proposed accounts :

RVCJ Media Twitter:

@rvcjinsta Instagram:

@rvcjinsta Story:

Cryptodecoding insta:

  • As before, 4 Infographics/Updates will be posted on each page about NEAR Protocol in a way that it doesn’t look spam, and the related article link will be put in BIO using bitly as before

  • 4 stories will be posted on RVCJ Insta also with link related to the NEAR content.

  • 1 Quiz Giveaway post will be done at the end of the month, where audience would be asked questions based on the 4 infographics posted earlier making them compelled to read the posts and understand the content.

Correct answer winners will be dropped with neardrop link to create wallet and claim rewards.

  • I had redirected audience earlier to NEAR India telegram chat but sadly NEAR India is not much active and activities are not happening making the newcomers inactive and less interested.

I had a discussion with Shreyas about making the guild and he suggested me to make a community, so I would like to create a community and redirect people from RVCJ to that group and keeping them engaged with the help of some helpful frens in the community.

This would be a community of mostly general audience so it would be a pleasure for me to make them learn about NEAR & blockchain in general by sharing articles, videos and other things including assistance with their questions.

  • An Instagram algorithm hack : RVCJ would post the image in video form of less than 1 second making it reachable to more audience than on general image post :wink:

Proposed Budget for this activity :

  • RVCJ Twitter : 5 Tweets x $400 = $2000

  • RVCJ Insta Post, RVCJ Story, Crypto Decoding Insta : 5 Posts x $1400 = $7000

  • Quiz Contest Prize : $600

Total Budget : $9600

  • This is the budget that RVCJ would charge, I would ask for my contribution reward in the report as earlier because first I want to give out the best possible result to the Ecosystem.

Thanks Everyone for believing in me earlier, I hope to get the same response from the community this time as well! :100:

Thanks @Dacha always for your guidance, Tagging @marketingdao-council for visibility! :pray:

Edit : Sorry I forgot to add that if any project of NEAR Ecosystem wants to reach RVCJ Audience can submit their request here >> NEAR Ecosystem Project Promotion On RVCJ Media


Waiting for your comments @marketingdao-council :green_heart::raised_hands:

Great proposal. Could you please give more details here?

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Gm Ser!

As said above 4 posts related to NEAR will be posted. These will be some general infographic posts and at the end the 5th post will be Quiz post.

The quiz will be based on those 4 posts information and audience will have to answer after reminding the information provided.

Something like this,

Audience who will give correct answers will be dropped the prize because of their activeness and attentive nature for understanding NEAR.

P.s. - Earlier in January proposal, RVCJ Agreed to drop this prize from their budget.

Let me know if you have any suggestions/doubts :hugs:

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Thank You very much for great job. Happy to support you.

For councils

Previous proposal

[Approved] JANUARY 2022 NEAR Social Media Marketing On RVCJ Media Budget & Plan - #13 by zubairansari07

And report

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Thanks for the support Sir, Really looking forward to keep doing better work! :pray:

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Great proposal.
But if you could ask admin from near india to pin the same on tg channel and twitter channel.

As its major focus is indian community i suppose the admins from near india community should take this initiative to support your efforts as every small effort matters.

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Hi Brother, Thanks for the support!

For sure, I would love to make this initiative better with the support of active Indian contributors like you.

I talked with some contributors and they support.

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Great Proposal @zubairansari07 .

I am following RVCJ for a long time now and the content and the audience attraction they bring in their way is quite unique. They have a very good impact and reach. Definitely they gonna bring huge attention towards NEAR.

Last campaign was a huge success. Looking forward to the new one.:heart::heart::fire:

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Thanks so much for the support friend from Conceirge team! :hugs:

Looking forward to start the activity as soon as rest councils approve :pray:

Hi @zubairansari07 thanks for your proposal. Before I can give an answer could you expand on this item please.

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Hi, This is the cost of posting on the proposed accounts. You can check the previous report for more detailed info about this.


Hi @zubairansari07 thanks for sharing the link. After looking at the report and seeing the amazing data I am happy to support your proposal.

Looking forward to seeing your next report!

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Thank you so much sir! :blush: I am glad to see your support.

Nice proposal and report regarding previous proposal.

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Thanks for the appreciation @ProfSnape :v:

Great Proposal ser @zubairansari07
Love RVCJ​:heart::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Thanks @Hitman2565 :rocket:

Hi Zubair, thansk for your proposal.

Just revisited your February Report for the campaign that ran in January.

I have several thoughts:

  1. Content is King. I am more willing to fund quality content over sheer number of impressions. The former is hard to create - hence why it is worth remunerating and empowering those who do it well. The latter is very easy to find - pick any account with an established audience - they charge you a lot of money just to post, intermediary gets a commission just based on impressions.
  2. Content from January campaign was very basic. Once again, given the high quality of announcements and projects launching daily, I don’t think that a simple link to NEAR Documentation (aimed at developers) is the expected standard when we pay $9000
  3. Context Matters. Once again, I don’t see as much value at presenting people with ONE story - seconds - in a never ending stream of completely unrelated content to blockchain. Users need to be primed, they need to be ready to receive the information, wanting to receive the information, and in a position to act. This buildup takes time. $9000 is the equivalent of an entire media team building narratives, targeting users, retargeting campaign with clear objectives and measurable KPIs, etc.

As it stands, I am glad we supported the January experiment and I am unwilling to support this going forward. Some recommendations on how to make this workable:

  1. Content. It’s ok to repurpose existing content from the ecosystem. The NEAR Blog and the Aurora Blogs are actually really good. There are also recent articles from Coindesk (‘NEAR Token has doubled in 4 Weeks Here’s Why’) and other major publications. If you want to be real heroes link to native content from our community members (This is WHY NEAR Token is Pumping) - people without a big following but that actually spend hundreds of hours learning and creating excellent material.
  2. Provide a better outline of what the campaign is trying to achieve and how can we measure it.
  3. Articular in a better way what the value to the ecosystem is.

To sum it up; are we paying for content or distribution? Distribution without content is worthless. Please add what content is going to be shared for reassessment.