Launch of C1 & Shinygloves new class


Come Celebrate with C1 Guild and Shinygloves club

Dear Fam,

I want to take a moment to thank the entire NEAR community and the NEAR Foundation for being such amazing partners as we bring the NEAR Protocol, Web3 Education and joy to Africa.
Thank you!

Our physical launch of the C1 SHINYGLOVES CLUB ART PROGRAM will launch October 27th – bringing art and Web3 training to kids and adults!

I must commend the entire team here in Lagos and Jos, our brother, @JCB in Canada for his leadership, ELHUSH, SAMMIE and REESPECT for bringing power to the people!

What’s going on!
Over the past year, with your support, we have done the impossible! We have created a community of passionate artists and Devs, and built a community that is working together meet our goal of bringing 1 Million Africans to NEAR.

The big News! C1 foundation, in partnership with shiny gloves club, is deploying another physical class in Jos, Nigeria, as a way to continue to empower communities for social good.

And, we are getting attention! The PDP governorship aspirant of the state of Jos, Plateau state will be attending the event! This is huge for our community, and for NEAR.

Celebrate with us!
Please, always feel free to attend our C1Space on Twitter – we want to know you! Today it is:
Also, we are trying to find a way to make the event live, though keep your eye out for that information and if you are in Nigeria PLEASE join us!

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c1 event

with respect,
Co-Founder, C1 Guild & NEAR Fam Member


This is amazing work @Dedeukwu Congratulations and more power to you!

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Thank you for the kind words and energy fam :purple_heart:

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@Dedeukwu and your entire crew – wow, you are making amazing things happen! Thank you for sharing the great news!

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Thank you as always fam, love the energy :purple_heart::pray: