[APPROVED] Incubadora PT- DAO Budget – June 2021

Project members:


Target Address: incubadorapt.sputnikdao.near

Current Balance (NEAR): 13,70 NEAR

Funding Period: June 2021

Initial requested amount: 155 NEAR

IncubadoraPt DAO

IncubadoraPT DAO aims to create a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology. It will be a platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. Due to the increasing precarisation of the cultural sector and artistic labour, we intend to ideate emancipatory solutions and help reshape the traditional art ecosystem using blockchain and DeFi purposes.

This DAO has currently 4 projects being developed:

  • an online artistic residence focused on VR and new media and how can it enhance the work of non-VR artists. Link

  • an online platform for writers from the portuguese-speaking world, where they can meet, collaborate, create NFT’s, attend workshops and make creative proposals. Link

  • a video portrait NFT series featuring emigrants, political refugees, and other people strongly connected with political topics. Link

  • an curatorship program that aims to link all projects developed by our DAO and promote exhibitions, talks and other activities that publicize the artistic works developed in the projects.

Project Presentation: IncubadoraPT DAO Roadmap

In order to carry out the actions we planned for this DAO and achieve the goals proposed in the roadmap in june, we request funding for the following activities:

General purpose:

  • creating visual and textual materials for onboarding and explaining the DAO and the Near ecosystem = 30 Near

  • onboarding artists and writers; doing airdrops; 15 artists x 3 near each = 45 Near

  • create the Mintbase store and help the first round of artists creating NFTs = 10 Near

  • first educational workshop for early birds = 30 Near

Sub-total: 115 near

Specific projects:

Writers program

  • develop and design the upcoming writers residence, reaching out different organizations across all portuguese-speaking world = 40 Near

Sub-total: 40 near

Total: 155

Other requests for funding:
Creatives- Virtual Reality

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

Discord: Discord


Good stuff for onboarding. Please update this thread when you publish materials, announce workshop, and create the store.

Introduce the artists as you onboard them as well! Get the community and collectors excited about them showing up. For example https://twitter.com/ParasHQ and https://twitter.com/codame do a good job of promoting their artists. Is there an Incubadora PT twitter?


Hey @starpause !
Today we had a workshop for a few artists and collaborators :slight_smile:
@Samiasns is working on some visual onboarding materials, that will be ready in a couple of days. We have our logo almost ready to go, and that means we’ll be creating our instagram account and revamping every channel we already have :building_construction:

End of July-August-September we’ll be launching our first New Media Artistic Residence, with several artists and experts in VR, AR and other topics, and by then we’ll have a more focused workshop and we’ll publish several materials everyone can follow.

For now, a list of our new members, and a few more will be added in the next few days and weeks:

mvlfc.near, writer and journalist
emakomatsu.near, architect
verapm.near, illustrator
nearestchico.near, artist
aagostinho.near, writer
sandor.near, writer and translator
herikalcn.near, curator
mcap.near, cultural producer
mndm.near, writer and musician
hevertonharieno.near, videographer and musician
samsoda.near, designer
fgigante.near, curator
belzua.near, artist

When our Instagram is live I’m sure will feature a few of these artists and creatives and introduce them more properly to the community :star_struck:

In the meantime, for everyone to follow our work:

Mintbase store: https://www.3xr.space/store/incubadora.mintbase1.near
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/hGzp7AUW3N
Telegram channel: Telegram: Join Group Chat

That’s all for now :smiley:


Great work, thanks for the update!


hello all! :cowboy_hat_face: @starpause

We are ready to report what we have been up to in the last month (mid June- mid July) :muscle: :mechanical_arm:

Our main activities are being reported in the Creatives Dao category, so here is a link to that: [REPORT] IncubadoraPT JUNE-JULY Monthly Report

Some of the activities have some degree of overlap, so I will repeat some of the information on different reports.

Regarding the activities that were funded by the NFT Onboarding DAO, we have to report the following:

mvlfc.near, writer and journalist; verapm.near, illustrator; nearestchico.near, artist; aagostinho.near, writer; sandor.near, writer and translator; herikalcn.near, curator;mcap.near, cultural producer; mndm.near, writer and musician; hevertonharieno.near, videographer and musician; samsoda.near, designer; fgigante.near, curator; belzua.near, artist; loyolax.near, artist; vsg.near, artist; hugolamip.near, artist; naes.near, sound artist

// About the video-portraits project, named ‘História de Bagagem’ (Luggage Stories), it was funded, last month, by the Creatives DAO, but has a strong nft-onboarding component. During the hackathon it was funded by this DAO, so we are pleased to announce we will release 5 videos + create nft + create a store for the project + create 5 wallets for the interviewees. (note: maybe it should have been funded always by this dao, so we are thinking about doing so for this next month).

*** We will launch the first videos of ‘História de Bagagem’ mid-august; on 7th of august will be a screening for the members of the Incubadora-dao, and then on the 14th of August they will be officially posted on the projects youtube channel.

  • We have 16 members on the TG group

  • We have 33 members on the Discord group

*** We are Launching an Artist Stipend Program in the next couple of months; @mecsbecs is developing a beautiful system in which artists can be further supported and engage in the creation of NFTs, more on that in the following weeks.

*** The writer’s residency, for which we received 40N last month, is being prepared and will follow the blueprint created for the Poliedro New Media Residency. We’ve learned that the onboarding process is more effective once it is connected to an upcoming activity, bounty or project. People feel more motivated to understand the whole process. So, we will advance the preparation for the Writer’s Residency after the Poliedro New Media Residency.

I hope this gives a clear picture of what we have been up to.

Thank you! :star_struck: :star_struck: