[Approved] Global Youtube promotion on near protocol and near ecosystem - March - April 2022

Yes, Now it’s $550 For Month of April

Hello @marketingdao-council @Klint @Dacha @David_NEAR @jlwaugh

New Month Started but these Proposals Still not reached its Direction towards Yes or No

Give me Green Light , So I can have better idea about the Approved or Rejection

I know I am emphasizing this Proposal, Because its Mena more than 10 days that these proposal still not move forward .

Also I reduced my budget from 700 to 550$ -

Thanks :rainbow:

Looking Forward to Positive Response .

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Hi @Albhion – Here are my reasons for giving support to your project:

  • Transparent report from past funding
  • Clear proposal with deliverables and objectives
  • Reasonable funding request that takes into account market rates
  • Willingness to receive feedback and make improvements (ie greenscreen) adjustments (ie funding amount requested) to your plan.

What I would like to see in your report and in the future as you move forward:

  • Your plan for organically (ie not via ads) reaching new audience members
  • A clear, specific overview of the topics and content you will include in your videos so we understand how you are thinking about future content
  • Mention of your editorial perspective in the proposal – meaning, why are you choosing the projects you are choosing vs. others? Why do people need to see your content, your POV specifically? There is a ton of content out there. Almost anyone can create a publish a video. Why you and your team? What do you bring to the conversation that is not already being said? I am not suggesting that you answer each of those questions, but I think it is crucial for any content creator growing an audience and a project to define their editorial perspective as they grow so you can stand out, differentiate yourself and so audiences know why they should pay attention to you.

In terms of approval, I can give my support but need @marketingdao-council to comment as well for approval.


Hi @Albhion would echo the comments of my fellow Marketing DAO council members and suggest we can move this to Approve @so608


With the edits, it seems reasonable to me. You’ve got my support.


@Albhion This has been approved – you can submit your proposal to AstroDao.

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Thank You :muscle:

Good one, seems like a good one to me.

Good morning, @Albhion
Did you submit a poll on Astro dao? Thanks

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Here is the link

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Check out the Video on Near Protocol and Its Reason Behind Massive Pump !!

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THANKS :heart:

Hello Everyone

Also, Feel Free to Join the Telegram Group: Telegram: Contact @talksonNearBlockchain

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Wow, super cool. Hash Rush is one of my favorite game :grinning:


Can I Get Access to Share these Video on NearGanes Guild , Or Can I connect Then Directly

Can you please look into it @marketingdao-council

Why are you posting the poll again?

Can you please confirm that the poll for this proposal has already been posted and approved by the Marketing DAO Council?

Several things: delays on the processing of KYC and final payout are on the NEAR Foundation side. This are separate from the Marketing DAO and do not require you to put up another poll. Do note that duplicating polls can cause more confusion and further delays.

Also remember that the proposals are approved for the requested amount in USD. The NF automatically calculated the NEAR equivalent at the time of making the payout. Alternatively, you also have the option to request payout in USD Stablecoins directly. Either way, changing market conditions would also not require you to submit more than one poll.



Hello @marketingdao-council and @Albhion - I’ve already responded to the proposer by DM here on the Forum but posting here for general transparency and clarity:

As outlined in the Community Payout Process, NF will not be able to proceed with a payout unless the individual/community leader submits an entry into our Google Form (also once is enough - just like the Astro DAO poll). Your urgency to receive your funding - especially when the work/event has already taken place - is understood, but we cannot be expected to proceed with a payout without being told that one is needed. This is what the Google Form is for.

At this point of the process with this particular individual, a missing signed Reward Agreement is what is needed before my colleagues can issue the payout to the wallet listed.
As soon as that can be returned, the funds can be sent.


Thank you so much @mecsbecs :heart:, So Ill get funds in Near or DAI


Thank You. Looking forward to seeing report. Thank You :blush:

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