[Approved] Funding Request - DAOrecords at ETH Milan 2023

Funding Request - DAOrecords at ETH Milan 2023

Greetings @creativesdao-council :tada:

DAOrecords is interested in representing at ETH Milan this 5th & 6th October and we’re excited to share some of the ideas we have to bring to the event! So let’s get into it!


We have a number of objectives for participating in ETH Milan together with Creatives DAO. I’ll list them out in more detail below.

1. Strengthening & Building Relationship

  • Connecting with other members of Creatives DAO in person
  • Meeting old friends and new people from the broader Web3 community
  • Networking with projects and attendees of ETH Milan

2. Promote Creatives Projects on NEAR

  • Our primary objective is to promote DAOrecords and the artists we work with
  • In addition we aim to promote and highlight the other Creative projects from the community in attendance while we network and build relationships
  • Secure a Speaker slot (Web3 Music on NEAR)
  • Encourage onboarding through onboarding.daorecords.org and Near.org

3. Showcase Talent

  • With both Vandal & MasiaOne planning to attend we aim to organize a live performance in conjunction with ETH Milan. We’ve been speaking to a few contacts in Italy to help us with this when the time is right
  • We also want to involve any other musicians and performers attending from Creatives DAO to join us in organizing a Creatives DAO Music Showcase


Participating in our ETH Milan proposal are myself @vandal and @masiaone :rocket: Find more information on each member through the links below

Vandal - Founder @ DAOrecords / Emcee / DJ / Leader
MasiaOne - Creatives @ DAOrecords / Emcee / Artist


Having participated in numerous Crypto conferences personally over the last 6 years I have been able to identify key areas through which we can provide maximum impact. Let me list ones relevant to our mission at ETH Milan below:

1. Networking

  • Networking is one of the most impactful elements of attending any conference. It is our goal to talk to as many people as possible, share with them what we are doing at DAOrecords and Creatives DAO and ensure we create meaningful relationships

2. Awareness

  • By organizing a Showcase/Event we aim to create more awareness about what Creatives DAO is doing in the broader Web3 ecosystem. Typically these events tend to focus on developers and traditional blockchain projects. We can bring something new, to inspire other and let them know what the Creatives are up to on NEAR

3. Speaking Session

  • We aim to represent Music at ETH Milan by securing a Speaker slot to talk about DAOrecords and the broader Web3 music ecosystem on NEAR. It’s a great way to share our journey, through the formation of NxM & BeatDAO

Flight Cost

Below is th escreenshot for 2 return tickets to Milan from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Do keep in mind that the price may fluctuate the closer we get to departure date

We are requesting the full $2,000 amount so that we have a buffer in case the flight price increases during the time we get the funds transfered to fiat to cover the costs.

Target wallet - daorecords.sputnik-dao.near

If approved we will move forward to begin planning out our event/showcase in an additional post on the forum here.

Thanks for considering our proposal!


Hey @vandal
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.


Thanks! Appreciate the support and looking forward to ETH Milan!

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