[Approved] Financial Support to Curate and Attend ETH Milan 2023

I am grateful to present this proposal for financial support to curate and attend ETH Milan 2023 in collaboration with Creatives DAO.

As an experienced curator and founder of RisingDAO, I am eager to participate in this prestigious event and contribute to its success.

Objectives: Our participation in ETH Milan is driven by the following objectives:

1. Strengthening & Building Relationships:

  • Establish meaningful connections with fellow members of Creatives DAO by engaging in face-to-face interactions.
  • Foster new relationships with brands, artists, and funders focused on the Art+Tech Space.
  • Initiate discussions to develop research programs and curatorial engagements for Web3/IRL spaces in Milan, enhancing the artistic landscape.

2. Curation and Development of the Installation:

  • As a member of the curation team, I will actively contribute to the creative programming of the event, ensuring a memorable experience for attendees.
  • I am deeply committed to being physically present in Milan to assist in the implementation of the installation, offering my expertise and support to the ETH Milan production team.
  • Additionally, I will write a 1000-word article on the installation for submission to an Art Magazine, amplifying the impact of our work and promoting the event on a broader platform.

3. Planning for Future IRL Installations for Creatives DAO/Community:

  • Collaborate with the NEAR Creatives DAO community to strategize and plan the next IRL installation for 2024.
  • Leverage the gathering at ETH Milan as an opportunity to connect with stakeholders, and identify potential sponsors, partners, and locations for future Creatives DAO installations globally.
  • Play an active role in organizing community dinners/meetings, sourcing additional funders, and targeting relevant events in Italy and beyond.

Participants: The primary participant from our team for the ETH Milan proposal is me, Sarah Kornfeld. Other council members will be submitting their own projects for consideration in the installation.

Sarah Kornfeld - Founder @ RisingDAO / Rising Partners / Writer/Cultural Curator


RisingDAO has been dedicated to exploring, researching, and documenting the transformative impact of Web3 on creatives and artists over the past year. Our NFT project, “Artists From Another Planet,” which was generously funded by Creatives DAO in 2023, provided valuable insights into the evolving lives of artists in Africa. As a cultural curator with over a decade of experience at the intersection of art and technology, I have collaborated with esteemed institutions such as The Kitchen, The California Academy of Science, The Beall Center for Art and Technology, and ZeroOne.

Building on this expertise, RisingDAO aims to make a significant impact on the physical experience of ETH Milan. Furthermore, we intend to conduct interviews with artists on-site, gathering material for the forthcoming “Artists of Another Planet” report to be published in 2024. The following impacts are particularly relevant to our mission at ETH Milan:

1. Curation of Installation/Space:

  • We envision the installation of the collective work from Creatives DAO as a pivotal and exhilarating moment. Drawing on my extensive experience, I will ensure that the entire experience in Milan is mutually beneficial for both the artists and ETH Milan.
  • From July to October, I will work closely with a dedicated group of individuals from the Creatives DAO community, meticulously curating the installation to deliver a captivating and thought-provoking showcase.

2. Awareness:

  • Organizing this installation provides us with an exceptional opportunity to raise awareness about the groundbreaking initiatives led by Creatives DAO. We aim to shine a spotlight on the brilliance of our collaborative efforts in driving and supporting the emerging Web3 creative reality.
  • This installation serves as a “Show NOT Tell” moment, enabling us to engage with players, creators, innovators, and potential supporters/funders from the Fashion, Tech, Finance, and Design communities of Italy, thereby expanding our reach and influence.

3. Networking:

  • Our objective is to represent and promote the NEAR Artist community, actively engaging with potential onboarding opportunities.
  • By participating in ETH Milan and fostering connections with other events, we aim to extend the impact of this inaugural IRL installation, telling the inspiring story of artists and creatives at the forefront of Web3.

Flight Cost: For one round-trip ticket from San Francisco, California, to Milan, I have considered a departure date three days before the event to support the move-in process, curate the space and content, meet and assist the artists, and provide valuable support to the ETH Milan production team. The current cost is 776.45 USD. Please note that prices are subject to change as we approach the departure date.

Thank you for considering our proposal for financial support. We firmly believe that our participation in ETH Milan will contribute to the success of the event while advancing the mission of Creatives DAO and RisingDAO.


Sarah Kornfeld, Curator and Founder of RisingDAO

![ETH MILAN TICKET.PNG|231x500](upload://uNv0Vhb54et2gaNVPGn2a2Hhd9Y.jpeg)

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Hi Sarah,

From my experience processing similar applications to Marketing DAO, I’d like to mention a couple of things:

  • Financial support should be available on a limited capacity to people in need.
  • This resulted in financial support extended to community members in lower income countries (Brazil, Vietnam, etc.)
  • The nature of the event is also important. Financial support has only been made available for NEARCON or other major event where NEAR is present. (I would have to learn more about ETH Millan to make an assessment, but it would be useful to compare it to the NEAR presence in ETH CC).
  • As a core GWG contributor until very recently, a position that paid well over the average for most community members in their regions ($10,000 per month) it seems inappropriate to request community funding for travelling.

As additional context - I’ve travelled to many conferences around the world and never requested for financial support for travels as I am already a beneficiary of community funding (MDAO at the time, even though it paid a fraction of what GWG core contributors earn).



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Hi AVB, can you please explaine how to get Financial support for NEARCON?

Hey @sarahkornfeld
The proposal for ETH Milan flight tickets has been approved by the CreativesDAO vertical.

To receive the grant, please follow the steps outlined in the guide below: Guide - Creatives Constellation Funding Guidelines.

Thank you!!! @Paul and the whole team!

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Thanks, @satojandro – I never made 10K a month as a member of the GWG, nor did I ever request that much. My general comp was 4500 USD per mo for the entire 9 months I was on the project. I agree that you need to take things into account and context is everything. As you may know, CREATIVES DAO is a sponsor of EthMilan and we are representing NEAR as an entire community.

In this context of EthMilan I’m not attending for the sake of networking, I am part of the team that is curating and helping to produce a full mixed-media installation at the venue and have very specific producing roles to execute. We are curating the room to have mixed media and live video performances that need producers. In this context, I won’t be attending much of the Eth event, but in the venue where we are having literal showtimes. The reason this is crucial is that Milan is a creative hub, and we are looking to onboard more creatives, as well as identify partners for more projects on NEAR.

I’ve only asked for help with the airfare, nothing else. I feel this is fair given my involvement to plan and produce the piece with other members of the community (all of whom have submitted for travel support and will be attending the event with the explicit plan to support the venue with the booth, installation, and events).