[Approved] Funding for NEAR Malaysia Guild (Mar-Apr)

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7 days ago I supported the proposal.



So can he propose now on the DAO?

It is our first funding proposal so we are a bit lost. After having posted here and curated the plan based on the feedback, what shall I do next?

Publish it in our new AstroDAO, https://app.astrodao.com/dao/mynear.sputnik-dao.near ?


Good evening, get approval from all Marketing DaO councils on the forum, and after that create a poll on Astro DAO :blush:


I agree with the feedback above – thanks for revising the budget according to the feedback.

A couple of questions:

  • You are asking for funding for 8 speakers. Do you have those speakers lined up?
  • For the t-shirt budget, you are asking for $400. Is that the budget locally or an estimate from the Venezuela Guild proposal?

Also, we have been talking in the council about requesting return to MarketingDAO of unclaimed/unused airdrop/bonus funding after 1 month or a reasonable time period depending on your event.

Can I get your thoughts on the above?


Hi Lorraine,

  • Speakers are agreed to for the guild-related parts and for the didactic parts.

  • tshirts are an estimate. Its what I saw in Venezuela but seems in line with what tshirt design and printing costs in Malaysia.

  • definitely we would record costs and give back any unused budget, but probably a more efficient approach would be to roll over that funds into May-June etc, as we intend this to he the beginning of a very active community in Malaysia! :malaysia::muscle: note that the funding is not only to one physical event (although that makes the bulk of the budget due to venue rental + food costs), but for two months runway.

Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciated!


@MktngDAO_Advisors :blush:

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Please take a look on this proposal and NEAR Malaysia has strong start and we would like to expand and contribute more as a community.

@Dacha from the Community DAO member approved this proposal and this proposal threads receive mostly positive comments.

Your response is much appreciated!

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Hi @gonemultichain thanks for your proposal. It’s good to see another regional guild gaining traction.

Taking into account the comments by fellow Marketing DAO council members, I am also happy to Approve.


@marketingdao-council the proposal is now listed in AstroDAO: https://app.astrodao.com/dao/marketing.sputnik-dao.near/proposals

I think we made a mistake by not including the amount in the description, but we have added the link to this proposal post.
Do let me know if all is ok.

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You can add the amount and the address on the comments :wink: click on the symbol of talk cloud

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Good evening, sorry but before create a poll on Astro DAO you need to get feedback on your proposal from @so608 , @Klint and @satojandro

Thank You

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Wow @Dacha, I can’t help but wonder why such an inefficient internal process for proposal validation! This process inefficiency is in stark contrast to your individual feedback’s quality and timeliness!

Perhaps the DAO should be given a timeline (e.g: I think 2 weeks is more than enough) upon which their vote is void and the decision is made based on the members of the council who voted alone?

I understand this could increase the risk of passing proposals without enough merit to receive funding.

Probably a point in between needs to be found.

As a side note, I am a certified Lean Sigma Black Belt and have worked as Continuous Improvement specialist and change management agent for years in the aerospace industry. If I can lend a hand to standardize and streamline internal processes @ NEAR, I will do so gladly.



Hi @gonemultichain thanks for the offer. I will mention your offer at our Marketing DAO council weekly meeting.

I am happy to support this proposal with the following conditions:

  • Dacha’s revised amounts US$2888
  • Please provide receipts for actual expenditure for physical events (hotel, t-shirts, etc.) along with your report
  • Core focus for me is the goal to onboard 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer). This should be a key metric for all regional guilds.

Final closing thoughts: NEAR is exploding and the days when we had to pay to onboard people I believe are coming to an end. There is so much happening in the ecosystem now it should be possible and actually easy to onboard people simply by communicating (in the right language and context) what NEAR is and how it can provide value for the user. Implement this in your program as you see fit.

P.S - please submit a new AstroDAO proposal. Just one with a simple short paragraph (title of this proposal, full mount requested in USD) and then link this governance forum post.




Hi Satojandro & DAO.

Core focus for me is the goal to onboard 20 subscribers to NCE & NCD (Near Certified Entrepreneur & Near Certified Developer). This should be a key metric for all regional guilds.

Indeed. Our end goal is to inform Malaysians about the many educational tools NEAR has at their disposal.

We have just launched a six-session training in partnership with Octopus Network and APU (Asia Pacific University) to teach Substrate. @kelsontoh will publish a preliminary report on that soon.

Have a good day!


This proposal has received positive support from a majority of the council members and community, so in my view it can be approved for submission to Astro. In the future, I ask that you wait until the proposal has been approved on the forum before submitting to Astro.

When you submit your next report to the forum, please do include receipts as @satojandro requested above. It is something we will be asking people to supply along with their reports going forward.

Also, when you submit your next proposal, consider posting farther in advance so there is adequate time for the community and council to review the proposal, ask questions and make a decision. Thanks!


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO