Council members:


Total requested funding: $2000(111N)

Projects And Timelines

In commemoration of the World Dance Day coming up on the 29th of April, Dance DAO will commence its activities for the month which will culminate in the grand “Dance With Near Metaverse Party”.

The following are the activities lined up:


This is a contest for dance groups to submit dance routines or choreography around a general theme that will be provided by the Dance DAO Council. Submissions will be curated and evaluated, and excellent entries in several categories based on pre-announced criteria will be chosen. Overall best entry will be minted as NFTs.

  1. An incisive documentary titled “The Purpose Of Dance” will be produced in commemoration of the World Dance Day. This documentary will feature an expository discourse on the history, relevance, etc. of dance, an interview of a professional dancer, vox pop and finally a collage showing entries from activity 1 above.
    The Purpose Of Dance documentary will be minted as an NFT
  1. The “Dance With Near” Metaverse Party

The Metaverse will play host to DanceDAO members and interested nonmembers alike as we host a party where we get jiggy, announce the winners for activity 1 above and premiere the Purpose Of Dance documentary.


  1. Show Your Moves

Graphics and Adverts - $150


1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100

Most Liked Entry


Total: $700

  1. The Purpose Of Dance Documentary


Graphics - $50
Video Editing $150
Camera work $100
Honorarium $100
Logistics: $50


  1. Metaverse Dance Party


Rent: $50
Graphics and Adverts: $50

Total: $100

Airdrop: $100

Refund For Logo Creation

DAO Management: $600


Hi @AugustKinge. In reading your proposal, I realize that some changes are needed to fit into our guidelines. Please create individual posts for each project and link it to this proposal. Here are some examples:

Also, check the templates to insert the values and put on your proposal a link to go to your introduction post. This things will give more clarity for your proposal =)

Let me know if you have any question.

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Thank you @hevertonharieno.

I have edited it.


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Thanks @AugustKinge.

But now, we need you to review your requested budget. DAO’s new to the Ecosystem can ask for up to $2,000 in the first month.
Also, I feel it would greatly enrich your proposals if you would explain in numbers, how the NFT’s you comment on will be produced. For example, in the dance competition we will produce 10 NFT’s from pictures of the dancers or something like that. This will help to give clarity to your proposal.

Let me know if you have some question =)



Thanks for your patience and help.

I have furnished the proposal with more details. I hope you find it to your liking.

Please, feel free to ask more questions.


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Hello August,

The main information need to be fixed here:

and here:

the total of you projects (including the council funds) needs to be a maximum of 2k. =)

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Corrections have been made. Thank you very much.

Budget has been adjusted to $2000


Hi @creativesdao-council its a wonderful day this morning :upside_down_face:
When would our proposal be approved, so we can meet up the timing for our world dance day
Thanks, as we hope to hear from you

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Thanks for all updates @AugustKinge. Happy to say that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao , so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts . Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Thanks @hevertonharieno

Y’all are gems.


Well, let’s go! :rocket::rocket:


Hi @hevertonharieno and @creativesdao-council heres the link to our proposal


Hope to hear from you, soon
Thanks :blush:


Hello @Psalmy. You can’t create a “transfer” to ir. The correct is create a poll to the other DAO’s vote. After aprove this poll you ask the funds using the google form.

Check this informations here:

@FabDab @AugustKinge
hello! thanks for the proposals.

I noticed that you are both involved in several new daos all at once and I was wondering how you have considered the workload, division and links between each? We are working hard to keep things as decentralized as possible so I would be interested to hear how this would work from your end. Thanks

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We’re not working alone on any project except the Culinary DAO. We are a part of a team.

All the tenets of decentralisation will be adhered to.

Our effectiveness should not be second-guessed prior to the chance to prove ourselves.

As it stands, all the DAOs and projects we’re involved in are nascent. The team can very easily handle them.

Thanks for your concern @ted.iv



There’s no need to worry.

We’re able to deliver high quality services across board, especially as these DAOs are fledgling.

Having said this, however, as the DAOs grow and help is needed, open calls will be made to seek help from the community.

Thanks again, @ted.iv

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Good evening, could you please provide report about this event?

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Dear @creativesdao-council do you have kind of marketing dao excel table with statistics and detailed information about approved / rejected proposals, amounts, voting and reports? Thanks. Asking you because we got many dubbed proposals from Creative DAO applicants in Marketing DAO during last two weeks. Thanks.


Hi @Dacha am not done with my costumes I just made the hoody here!
I’ve someone designing the rest of my costumes for the dance video, so I would be needing more time to bring back report, from next week all I need would be set and report can come in there too