[Closed] Dance DAO’s Funding Request For The Month of September, 2022

Dance DAO’s Funding Request For The Month of September, 2022.

DAO Name: Dance DAO

Previous report:August Report

psalm.near, cryptomuse01.near, fabdab.near

On-chain members:
17 members

Projects For The Month

*Dance Clinic Workshop On The Metaverse


*The Colab


*Telegram Quiz


Show Your Moves (Season 2)


Sheeloh Dance Battle


Total: $3040

DAO Management: $900


Target: dance-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Summary and Metrics to Measure DAO’s Success

The above events will rejuvenate Dance DAO after 3 months without funding and minimal activity. The following value will be derived from our September projects:

*Fostering collaboration with other DAOs
*Organising 3 metaverse events
*Having at least 10 attendees in each of our metaverse meetups
*Minting of at least 10 NFTS
*Increased community engagements
*More followers on all our social media platforms.
*Onboarding of new “Nearcomers”
*Increasing our on-chain membership.


Tagging the creative for visibility @creativesdao-mods @williamx @Cryptonaut @Paul

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Hey DanceDAO,
Personally, I find that this proposal lacks a correlation between what you’re proposing and the expected outcome valued in the ecosystem.
Also, your latest report seems not valid as you have used created content from the month of May.
Sorry, but at this stage and in this form, I’m not able to support it.

Thanks for understanding and have a great weekend!

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I have explained elsewhere that the data you speak about is from a bounty that went live since May. We’ve been unable to sustain or conclude the bounty because we’ve not been funded since May.

This proposal features inter-DAO collaboration, substantial onboarding and wallet creation, the creation of NFTs, Metaversal engagement, etc.

All these elements ordinarily bring value to the Ecosystem. It’ll be great to see precise reasons why you think otherwise.

@creativesdao-mods @Paul .

Thank you.

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Valid? This report was not funded for as activities/bounty has started already and we where hoping to get funded by may which we didn’t and the community are hoping for their rewards.
So it was proposed on May but didn’t get a grant

Honestly I don’t understand what you’ve said here. Please can you elaborate? Thanks :pray: and have a good day

Hey Dance DAO,
Community mods agreed to close this proposal. Please strengthen and develop your activities.

Also, mods have noticed that you and your team are involved in 3 extra DAOs (attachment below), which are trying to possess funding, please be informed that one person can be a council in two DAOs maximum (and receiving a reward for a council management). Thanks to that, we’re aiming to be more decentralized as a community.

Moreover, I’d advise to focus on one DAO and strengthen its activities, and establishment, rather than creating additional ones with similar activities.


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Please, share the link to the document or consensus backing this otherwise arbitrary statement. When did the community pass this injunction?

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Guidelines pinned in the #creatives:creatives-dao category.

I’ve read the pinned post you linked above but found no reference to a consensus or document limiting, as you claim, the number of DAOs one may be part of to two.

Please show me exactly where to look to confirm this.

I anticipate a response @Paul.

Please find it here, in previous months we internally agreed that sitting position also counts into this. Dance DAO is not the first one with this issue, however, nearly every DAO adjusted their council based on this.

Don’t treat this aggressively, we can’t allow for the situation where the same people are creating new DAOs and apply for the funding, that’s not decentralized approach.

FYI based on this I’ve stepped down from NxM council in the past few months.

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Any aggressiveness you perceive is imaginary. I am only asking for clarification.

You said categorically that one may only be council member of two DAOs:

I asked you for the document showing the consensus of the community to back this claim up, and you provide this:

The above quote does not back up your arbitrary claim that one may be a council member of only two DAOs. Rather, it shows that renumeration for council work is restricted to 2 DAOs per individual.

There’s no documents backing your claim.

How can you even say this, @Paul ?

How is it that you’re implying that Dance DAO has similar activities with Culinary DAO, when one is about Dance and the other is about Food and Drinks. Could you, please, back up your claim that we’re merely proliferating DAOs with “similar activities”?

This brings me, inescapably, to the question:

Are you rejecting our proposals because we’re involved in multiple DAOs?

Please, pay attention to these points:

  1. Near Book Club Guild has never been funded.

  2. I must clarify that Near Book Club is a guild. It’s not a DAO. It’s not even on AstroDAO. This is its first funding request to CreativesDAO.

  3. I am a council member in only two DAOs that actively ask funding from Creatives DAO, viz. Culinary DAO (funded once, 5 months ago) and Dance DAO (funded twice)

Nature and Tourism has never been funded.
Sports, Health and Fitness DAO has never asked for funding.

There are tons of questions on my mind about all this. I’d appreciate a conversation.


Hello @Paul I’m really kind of confused here though, am part of the team and am just in one DAO so be specific when you generalize stuffs. With the instructions/ guidelines I read it says you can be in more than 3 DAO but wouldn’t receive council management from the 3rd DAO you’re in, that’s what I’m seeing in the guideline honestly

This is the 2nd time this is happening making decisions off the forum, make all decisions and discussion on the forum for transparency.
Ok the mod agreed?? Where’s the prove ? Any screenshot of chat on that or record or tape, please let’s be more transparent ok :ok_hand:

Strengthen and develop in what way? What doesn’t lack strength on our proposal, spot them out.
However it’s fine to make any decisions cause, I don’t think anything I would say now would change anything.
Thanks and do have a nice day :pray:

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