[Closed] Dance DAO’s Funding Request For The Month of September, 2022.(Revised)

Dance DAO’s Funding Request For The Month of September, 2022.

DAO Name: Dance DAO

Previous report:August Report

psalm.near, cryptomuse01.near, fabdab.near

On-chain members:
17 members

Projects For The Month

*Dance Clinic Workshop On The Metaverse


*The Colab


*Telegram Quiz


Show Your Moves (Season 2)


Sheeloh Dance Battle


Total: $3040

DAO Management: $900


Target: dance-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Summary and Metrics to Measure DAO’s Success

The above events will rejuvenate Dance DAO after 3 months without funding and minimal activity. The following value will be derived from our September projects:

*Fostering collaboration with other DAOs
*Organising 3 metaverse events
*Having at least 10 attendees in each of our metaverse meetups
*Minting of at least 10 NFTS
*Increased community engagements
*More followers on all our social media platforms.
*Onboarding of new “Nearcomers”
*Increasing our on-chain membership.

Tagging the creative mods @creativesdao-council for transparency and review.
@williamx @Cryptonaut @Paul @ted.iv

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@AugustKinge oh it’s late, it should have been done before 15th of the month. And you don’t write council fee in the revised proposal :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey, @AugustKinge
Sorry, but every DAO had a term till the 15th of September to propose their proposal for review (the same applies to modified ones).
With that being said, I have to close this proposal. Feel free to submit it in October.

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