[APPROVED] Funding for an underground electronic party at metaverse

Musical Project
Proponent: Isa Danoninho
Near Account: isadanoninho.near

Objective: Create an electronic party concept, with Brazilian DJs from the underground scene. Justification (benefits) : Be the first party in the metaverse with focus on electronic music.
Attract artists from the music market to the community.
Increase the flow of people into the metaverse.

Project: With the intention of creating a sound concept inside metaverse, for the first project we will bet on techno. Two set hours per party with a sound that escapes the commercial market, attracting the alternative public.
For the art exhibition, the idea is to bring arts that refer to the sound of the party, the artists can bring arts that they already have or create new ones for this project, they can sign up with up to 4 arts each and all NFTs must be in the NEAR PROTOCOL network. We will also have the classic "TREASURE HUNT”, where we will have an item hidden in the plot and the first one who finds it and fills out the Google Forms, wins the treasure.
We will distribute flyers of the event to the first people who arrive at the parcel.
The artwork should be displayed on the parcel during the 15 days of the event, generating visibility and possible sales.

Part 1
Curating the visual artists to compose the art exhibition. Hiring the DJs for the party. Dissemination: Creation of flyer, dissemination in WhatsApp groups, discord and twitter.
Mint of the party’s flyer at mintabase.io

Part 2
February 12th: Exhibition set up at the metaverse.
February 15th: Opening party.
Receive people.
Distribute the party flyer among the people present.
Assemble list with the desks that received the flyer.
DJ set for 2 hours.

Part 3
February 16th - Pay for DJ and production Maintain exhibition and DJ set until next party set up.

Part 4
New flyer creation and promotion.
Mint the flyer at mintbase.io

Part 5
February 23th: Closing party set up

Part 6
February 25th: Closing party. Receive people.
Distribute the party flyer among the people present.
Assemble list with the desks that received the flyer.
DJ set for 2 hours.

Part 7
February 28th - Pay DJ and production.
Dismantle party in the metaverse.

Production - 250usd
DJ set 1 - 100usd
DJ set 2 - 100usd

TOTAL: 450usd


Approved by Metaverse DAO.

First report

After the METATRONIC project was approved, the Gabiarra DAO requested the possibility of using the techno exhibition space for an exhibition in honor of the 100 years of modern art in Brazil, an extremely valuable and important event for the community.

Understanding the value of the exhibition, I took the liberty of making some changes to the project.

The space that would be used for the techno exhibition, the third floor, was given over to the new exhibition, and in order not to harm the artists who had already created works for the techno exhibition, their works were allocated on the second floor near the stairs.

Two flyers were created and the publicity took place on these channels:

Twitter (profile of the producer and supporters).

Telegram (DAO channels, investor groups and artist communities)

Instagram (producer and supporters profiles)

Discord (crypto-artist community channels, investor channels, nfts project channels, marketplaces channels, etc)

1 to 1 (individually inviting people who might be interested in the event)

The event kicked off at 8:03 PM with the debut of Dj Lex Mazzini. Unfortunately there was a CryptoVoxels update at the same time. We reported the bug and it took 30 minutes for everything to normalize.

Even with this problem, the event was still a success.

There were about 100 people there, and the movement lasted until about midnight Brazil time.

Flyers were minted and are still being distributed.

The Zebra wearables were a success at the party, many adopted and wore them during the whole event.

DJ Lex Mazzini, very surgical, with a pumping set and a seductive visual production.

I will attach some messages received regarding the party and the DJ, during the event and after it.
First part production release required, USD125 near wallet: isadanoninho.near

and Dj set, USD100 near wallet: lexmazzini.near

End of the first part of the project.

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Wonderful report for the first party. You can ask for a payout proposal of 10.415 Near for you and Lex can request a payout proposal of 8.332 Near. This is the value of near corresponding to conversion rate from the time we received the resources
(5000 usd = 416.63 NEAR).

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Report two

Starting the second part of the party construction, we invited DJ Lowzax. We changed the event’s exhibition again, so we used the space where art week 22 was and put the art from both editions of mintbase Sunday.

Unlike the other DJ who delivered me the link ready to play, this one delivered me the set to upload. Unfortunately I didn’t check the songs and on the day of the party YouTube forbade the transmission because of a song that has its copyrights blocked in Brazil.

We got more than 17 people online for over an hour, but I decided to cancel the party because of the sound problem. During Saturday I made the necessary checks and changes so that everything would go smoothly on Sunday.
But in spite of the changes, YouTube did not accept to transmit the DJ’s set.

At the time of the party, there were 11 people online and I asked everyone if I could exchange the set for another DJ’s set, in this case Lex’s, who had already been a success in the last event, and everyone agreed.
The party started a little late because of this and went on until 9:30pm Brazilian time.
And the flow of people didn’t exceed 12 people during the event.

Regarding the payment, since Lowzax’s set didn’t play and it was necessary to play another dj’s set in order not to cancel the party, I believe it’s fair to split the 100USD cache between the two djs, one for the work of putting the set together and the other for the right to use the image.

Anyway, despite the problem encountered along the way, I believe that this has served as a learning experience and the final balance was very positive, because despite the sound, the show remained full on both days.

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update with respect to people who passed by the place.

download week