[CONCLUDED] metatronic 3

Metatronic 3rd edition
Proponent: Isa Danoninho
Near Account: isadanoninho.near

Metatronic has packed up and left to explore the metaverse. So new and already left to explore the world and search for opportunities to show what it has best: quality electronic music. For those who don’t know Metatronic is an electronic party focused on Dj Set that happens in the metaverse. No main streaming, it is an experience created for you to travel and teleport to the atmosphere that the dj wants to take you. There is no electronic style of music, the style is to be good and artistic. And just like many suburban parties in São Paulo need to go to new places, we are looking for new places to receive us. Metatronic is a movement that is being built. Remembering that Metatronic goes beyond music, it is an artistic experience, that is why it always hosts an art exhibition on the day.

Justification (benefits): Offer the Metatronic to celebrate some of the projects created within the Gambiarra.
Mounting an event with space for art exhibitions created within one of these projects.
Enable the visibility of visual artists, creating an event to bring people together to exchange artistic experiences through music and art.
Encourage artists to produce more art and get to know the work of other artists.
Project: Produce visual material, advertise within communication channels, hire DJs, assist in onboarding DJs if needed, set up the party, set up the exhibition, produce the event and assist in recording the sets.
Buy artwork for the party’s exhibition and send it to dao’s portfolio, to compose the collection, encouraging artists to produce visual material.
A 3h event with two DJ sets.

Timeline: Once approved, talk to gambiarra members and choose which project will be part of our party.
Executed within the month of April.

Budget :
Production - 250usd
DJ set 1 - 100usd
DJ set 2 - 100usd
USD50 to buy artwork for the show
TOTAL: 500usd


:heart_eyes: Wonderful project, super deserves to grow more and more, congratulations on the initiative \o/ :clap: :clap:


@Isa_Danoninho good look with this beautiful project!!! :sunflower: :heart_eyes:


Hi @Isa_Danoninho … would you allow me to put some suggestions for your project.
Gambiarra Dao is building its fixed gallery inside the metaverse where we will have some expositions every month, so it would be very nice to have this Metatronic party in the openings of each exposition. What do you think of this idea?
One thing I really liked in your project was to contribute with other artists, bringing them to the Metaverse through the network Near (the DJs) and also the incentive to the artists of the exhibitions separating part of the project to buy artworks and making Near circulate among the artists.
Remember that Gambiarra is a dao that works with visual arts, but we are building our gallery in the metaverse and we want good music in the openings.

Could you also put some links to your roles with Metatronic?



Hey Dazo, thanks a lot for that message!
I have learned a lot from you guys at Gambiarra, especially about collectivity, so I think it is very important to use my project to support and encourage other artists!
For me it would be an honor to be present with Metatronic at the opening of the exhibitions!
I think it would be moments of meetings and incentives, especially for the new group that is arriving!

My work at Metatronic goes beyond organizing a party, the care comes from the assembly of the project.
I particularly like to assemble the parties with themes, I think it is more attractive.
The DJs I’m inviting are common people who have their formal jobs, but for lack of space and opportunities can’t dedicate themselves full-time to music.
They are people you will not find playing in all the parties in Brazil, it is a restricted niche moved by the love for the movement.
Many of these people don’t even know what blockchain is, and I have all the courtesy to explain, introduce Near, introduce Dao, help create the wallet, assist in the video recording (yes, I like you to see the DJs playing, so no Soundcloud here), I help them receive their payments through the astro dao.
Besides that there is the production part, create the flyer, advertise in communication channels (whatsapp, telegram, instagram, twitter and discord), set up the art exhibition in metaverse, upload the dj set to youtube, test the video, set up the party space, receive all the guests and rock the party.
I can’t even tell you how many hours it takes to do all this, but for sure it’s more than 25 hours of work.
And then there are the visual artists, choosing the art to buy, I’ve even left it up to the curator (when there’s one) or the DJ, so I don’t take sides with anyone, because there’s always cool art.

In the first Metatronic we had more than 90 people visiting the place, and in the second one we had up to 60 people.
For all the events I’ve been to in the metaverse, only Feminu beat that number.
Can you imagine what we couldn’t do with the curation of Ghini’s visual arts combined with Metatronic?

I think Metatronic was built with the idea of being an electronic music movement, but with a short time of life it showed that it’s more than that, it’s an artistic movement.

I hope that together we can make history!
I’ll leave some links and networks in case someone wants to know more about my work.

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Metatronic 2: [approved] metatronic 2nd edition - #21 by Isa_Danoninho


:women_with_bunny_ears::dancing_women::dancing_men::rocket: vamoooos festcheenhs :raised_hands::sunglasses:


Incredible work! Congratulations on the project!


Hey @Isa_Danoninho, this is a great project, and also associated with Gambiarra events, makes it more powerful to the community!! :purple_heart: :heart: :star_struck:


Hello, I hope everyone is well.
First of all I would like to thank for the opportunity to speak here and share with you how was for me the experience of getting to know the Metaverse through Metatronic.
I’ve been a DJ for 7 years and during this time I’ve been developing myself as a music researcher and with time I’ve been getting to know and recognize myself as an artist and exploring ramifications of my self through other music projects I’m part of.
Metatronic brought me the incredible opportunity to get to know the Metaverse and explore another multi-sensorial universe through my presentation, to meet and appreciate other artists totally new to me, besides the interaction with several people around the world.
The most interesting thing about Metatronic for me is the possibility to focus on my solo project Micha and be able to explore my artistic ramifications and develop experimentations and new possibilities as an artist besides the professional incentive that this makes possible through a financial return, which totally encourages me to resume my Micha project with new perspectives through this multisensory experience that is Metatronic in Metaverse.
Electronic music is a culture in expansion around the globe and it is very gratifying to be able to contribute to the growth of this culture in another universe where it allows me to have no limits and meet other forms of expression and incredible people that I would never have met if it wasn’t for this party.
This experience as an artist encourages me more and more to come back as an artist and explore other areas besides music.
I am very grateful for having had this opportunity and also if possible I would like to leave a request for me to play in another edition, or maybe even have a residency at Metatronic to help disseminate the culture of alternative electronic music.


I’m super excited to see this metatronic edition! Thank you @Isa_Danoninho for making and promoting this kind of events, giving DJs and producers a place to show their craft on the metaverse and of course, bringing diverse good music to us! Congratulations on the project, go Metatronic! :space_invader: :control_knobs: :level_slider:

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The party took a while to come out, we had two long holidays in Brazil, and this disturbed people’s routines.
The party will happen on April 29th at 7pm.
Anyway, this month’s guests are Thiagão and Guilherme R…
Thiagão, with his more than 20 years on the dancefloor, varies from House, Disco, Break, Break Beat, Techno.
Guilherme R. brings Disco, House and New Wave aspects in his sets.
Each one will have 1h30 of set, and both sets are already recorded and rendered.
The event that we’ll be honoring is the World Art Day that will have its program extended until April 30th.


The party was an incredible success.
This month metatronic received the DJs Thiagão and Guilherme R.

Thiagão Stream Thiago Vilhena music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud
Guilherme R. Stream Guilherme R. music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Each DJ played for 1h30 and in the sets we navigated in a sound that transits between Disco, Italo Disco, New Wave and Post Punk, House and Break Beat with a slight hint of Trance tones.

The party was practically the closing of the World Art Day exhibition, and took many people to visit the Gambiarra DAO building.
In total there were more than 100 people passing by the place, in the biggest peak we had 66 people there.

The promotion was done on telegram, whatsapp and Instagram channels.
I made the flyer myself and rendered the two DJ videos.
Since Gambiarra’s space didn’t have the equipment for a party, I built the voxels for the event myself.
I made the table, cdi, mixer, sound box, pillars and vases.
I hope in all future parties to be able to bring elements that match the sound and flyer proposal.

About the 50usd for the purchase of arts that were in the gallery, as the value was not withdrawn before the party I left to buy after getting the money.
So as soon as the money is approved, I’ll make this purchase, send it to gambiarra’s wallet and send the receipts here.

Dj Guilherme R. is still in the process of completing his portfolio.
This being done I will already assist him to receive his payment by Astro Dao, Thiagão already has a portfolio and will request his payment tomorrow, Monday May 2.

Values for payment:

DJ SET 1: Thiagão: 100usd = 5,9N EAR
DJ SET 2: Guilherme R = 100usd = 5,9NEAR
PRODUCTION: Isa Danoninho = 250usd = 14,75N EAR
PURCHASE ART: Isa Danoninho = 50usd = 2,95NEAR

Total Isa: 300usd = 17,7 NEAR
Total project: 500usd = 29,50NEAR


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THIAGÃO: @ Metatronic // THIAGÃO // 29 APR 22 - YouTube
GUILHERME R.: @ Metatronic // Guilherme R. // 29 APR 22 - YouTube

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I visited the gallery and it was great the way you set up the scenery, congratulations Isa.
You can request payment on our Astro

Eu fuuuuuui, tem que fazer esse wearable pra festa ahahaah :star_struck::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


boa ideia amigaaaaa, nos próximos eu vou tentar fazer wearables, só preciso ver se vou ter dinheiro para mintar eles… mas eu vou tentar, as vezes incluir isso no projeto.


@gushlewis ajuda noix aqui :face_with_hand_over_mouth::innocent: