[PROPOSAL] Meta Parties

[PROPOSAL] Meta Parties

A set of 3 big parties at the Metaverse DAO parcel on Voxels.


We believe that these kinds of events bring the community together, make everyone feel like part of the group and everybody can have a good time.

The project

We’ve created 3 parties: one where people can bring their own music, another to be the main event of the month and our magazine release at the end of the month.

  • Make My Day Party - Organization, wearable giveaway and hosting - 100USD
  • Metaverse event of the month
    • Organization, wearable giveaway and hosting - 100USD
    • DJ - 100USD
  • NEAR Metaverse Magazine Release
    • Organization, wearable giveaway and hosting - 100USD
    • DJ - 100USD

Each party we will give wearables for our community and hire a DJ (except the first one where the idea is that people bring their own music)


Week 1: set a timeline for the parties; talk to DJs

Week 2: create art for parties and share it; create wearables and set the space

Week 3: produce 2 parties

Week 4: produce the last party and make the report

Final product

We will accomplish the events, wearables for our community and mint short videos (or gifs) of the parties at Mintbase

Subtotal: 500USD


Great ideas!! Looking forward to accept your wearables and propose Goa DJs for it :blush:

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Just waiting to get the approval :smiley: Thanks for the support as always @johanga :purple_heart: :heart:


Final Report

Project status: Completed

Project name: Meta Parties

Project Accounting:

  • Make My Day Party - the party was great, it ended up lasting 6 hours! More than 93 people attended. We gave away Metaverse DAO Headsets, played music from a collaborative playlist and it was awesome!
    The parcel was decorated for it and an exclusive wearable created for it also (see it bellow).

Art for the event:




  • NEAR Metaverse Magazine Party Release - there wasn’t a lot of time to advertise the party, so the attendance wasn’t very good, 18 people attended at different times.
    The parcel was updated to contain image and links to the magazine and the other featured projects of the DAO and the decoration was also updated.



Updated Project Timeline:

Due to the delay to receive the funds and I also got sick (I’m still recovering from it) the last party is yet to be held. The DJ set was already received.

Highlights and Final Products:
The parties were great and we’re always getting in contact with people, strengthening relationships and spreading the word about the DAOs and NEAR Protocol.
All the partiesare recorded and will be posted on our YouTube channel and their respective NFT registries will be created.

A party needs time to be well planned and advertised properly, but we make the best we can with what we have. Having a marketing/social person would help a lot to build and reach a bigger audience.

Once again your set was great @electrobro ! Thank you!
You may make your payout request on Astro :purple_heart: :notes: :partying_face: