[Approved] fra-DAO - overview - september - 2022 budget

fra-DAO - overview - September - 2022 budget

Hi, Creative DAO!

Name: Frado @frado

Account: frado.near

Q3 Council:

frado.near @frado

narau.near @Narau

pbborges.near @PatriciaB

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

Guild: Atelier Techne Studio

fraDAO Target: frado.near

KYC: @frado

Report august: [REPORT] fraDAO - August 2022 - #2 by frado

September 2022



Ina DAO, fra DAO, Hype DAO, Family DAO, Afrostar NFTs Collaboration


We have decided to make collaborations with 4 more DAOs in the ecosystem, with the purpose of supporting our community artists by buying their NFTs worth of $200 from each DAO’s stores.

i.e each DAO will request for $200 each for the sake of buying NFTs from another participating DAOs

These NFTs would be bought with AstroDAO addresses

Time requested: 4 weeks

Value proposal: $200 (USD)



fraDAO Art Festival at NEAR Hub



Following our roadmap, we start the art festival at NEAR Hub. The first step was modeling our main lobby that will act as a hub for various experiences at NEAR Hub for an immersive space exhibition, where all artists can exhibit their expressions developed in our workshops. All spaces will have links to buy more than 1500 NFTs from NEAR protocol marketplaces PARAS and Mintbase. This first exposition space, besides the marketplaces links, will have several teleportation portals for other future experiences connected to each other. Visitors can observe, walk or move around objects and buy them using NEAR.

We invite members of fraDAO who had vivid dreams, visions from shamanic experiences or autism, to create new and fabulous metaverses. We want to make a big festival of metaverses connecting the main lobby to a series of other experiences inside NEAR Hub.

Creating a space for financial transactions in art

Time requested: 6 weeks

Value proposal:$3700 USD

Other Items:

Council work: $1100 USD

Projects: $3900 USD

Total Requested Funding Amount: $5000 USD

Projects & Timelines: 6 weeks

Roadmap 2022:

Any doubts or suggestions, we will be available for clarification.


Frado, Patricia and Narau

Instagram: @fra_DAO
Facebook: @Fradao_Near
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/fra-dao
Twitter: https://twitter.com/fra_dao
YouTube: fra_dao no Museu XYZ - YouTube


Nice proposal! I can’t wait to start modeling this building :slight_smile: Roberta’s dream is a complex, colorful and fantastic thing!
This collaboration between DAOs is also a great idea! All artists will be honoured and happy to see their art being valued.


Nice proposal Frado keep doing good works


Thanks, @sterryo i’m happy with your initiative to grow and supporting our ecosystem ! :pray: :dizzy: :100:


You Must Star Wars GIF by Regal


Hello Fradao,

Thank you for your proposal. Personally, I don’t find good reasons to support the project Art Festival at NEAR Hub:

  • Amount asked for August was $3200, and I don’t see specific report for the progress of each work stream:


2-Design immersive space:

3-Spoke Server Database:

4- programmation:

5-Spatial/panner sound programming:

Can you share what have been done with those amount asked for the project in August?

Another thing is that most of the amount asked is allocated to council. And this month, 100% of the fund goes to this project & council work. Unfortunately, for now, I don’t support this proposal.


The work is in progress but councils already distributed fund?


Hi @williamx , today is Holiday in my country. Let’s talk tomorrow.

we created two transfer at astroDAO, one transfer for Design/ART direction/conception and other tô sound. It’s done!!. I Will update the report. But i need to protect copywright First.
Thanks @williamx for supporting and attention

Ps: i Will edit and update our August report ASAP.

Hi mr. @williamx i got a good an ideia to áudio report in August report.
I Will attach the áudio 8D(360°) with a Voice over to protect my copywright. You need headphone for a 360° experience.
You have reason! our report need this update. We are too busy with this ART festival in NEARHUBS, and we have many Works to update in our Report.
Thanks for your serious work.

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Hi, Mr. William! I’m currently a council at fraDAO and I gave a Workshop on Blender for our community in July/August ([REPORT] fraDAO - August 2022). This was their first contact with 3D modeling in Blender. I’ve been working with Blender since last year (focused on engineering) and studied more about the basic tools for artistic modeling to teach our community and integrate them through the process and the next proposals. This month we’ve added Mairy Sarmanho to the project, one of our best students. We’ll offer one more workshop to teach them how to transform their 3D objects into avatars at Near Hub soon and fortify NEAR’s ecosystem. I’ve already finished the design of our first space, that’s why we made the transfer. We’ll update our Report tomorrow.

We are doing our best to support, and educate our DAO and include them in our projects. Nowadays, our main team has 7 people and we always say in our groups (97 members) that we are open to projects and anyone can propose (following Near’s guidelines).

I’m happy to see you are as serious and correct with your work, as we are. I hope we can get your support :slight_smile: We are here to clarify any doubts. Thanks!


Thank you for your response, looking forward to the additional information in the report, especially the part related to Begin VR art Festival project, thank you!


Hello Mr. @williamx , we did an update. If you need more information, we are here to supporting and clarify!


Dear fra-DAO,
Happy to inform you that this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, and it is approved by the Community Moderators.
Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts.
Also, feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for better organization.

To become more transparent in the decision making I’d like to note some highlights why your proposal has been approved:

  • proposal follows our guidelines,
  • next steps are clear and detailed,
  • fair price table,
  • clear and well detailed report from previous month,
  • variety of activities rich in creativity!

Thanks @Paul and @creativesdao-council , for supporting us