[PROPOSE]Workshop XP design for Afrostar Guild - fra-DAO - March 2022

Name: Frado

Account: frado.near

frado.near @frado
hiimf.near @hiimf
raissa.near @raissalaban

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

The March “workshop” edition of the Experience design for NFT for AfroSTAR Guild.
in the month of march, the afrostar guild will only be learning!
and receive some tipbots in some dynamics conclusions.

Week 01:

Shit experience: During 5 or 6 days I will promote a chaotic dynamic, promoting meetings with minimal information and without support material. The first step is to identify what is the Shit Experience?

We will create daily dynamics, with remuneration(tip bot) of 10 NEAR maximun for all participants, if they are completed on time. From this 5-day, of SHIT experience, we will be raising awareness in relation to designing experiences.

Don’t be afraid partners! The best and fastest way to learn how to create great experiences is to understand what a shit experience is and do the opposite of it! By living a shit experience, you will never replicate a bad experience to your community. Trust the process!

End of shit Experience!

Week 02 (Welcome to XP Designer for NFT):

Step 01 - Send DISCORD invite and tunning the workflow.

Step 02 - Send links of nearhubs Gallerys and VR experiences.

Step 03 - Talking about experience Design inside DISCORD

04 hours maximum of experience design workshop inside the metaverse near hubs.

Begin the DISCORD dynamics, where we will have activities related to the creative process, web3 questions, information about the NEAR protocol, REF finance, PARAS, PLUMINITE, MINTBASE and the experience design pillars.

Week 03:

Creative process and art direction on Marketplaces: PARAS; PLUMINITE and MINTBASE.

Week 04:

MINT process on the 03 platforms PARAS; PLUMINITE; MINTBASE and talk about sales, extension and marketing.

Discount Value for ecosystem: 1000 USD



Okay, so how does the workshop give, bro

How is it gonna be carried out?

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@hevertonharieno @Monish016 @sterryo
Hi Bro,
My intention is to share experience design knowledge with the ecosystem, specifically in March with the AfroSTAR guild.
I will not charge any money to AfroSTAR, I will just teach and pass my knowledge to his team. In the future we can make a partnership of the Experience Design for NFT workshop. We will do the proposal in a DAO (I will create the HUB DAO), where we both will be council members, I will give the first class in the VR space and he follows with his community, using all the structure that I will create in DISCORD with all the weekly materials and I keep a smaller percentage of the structure and class. Afrostar will be able to ask for funds for his community’s marketing campaign. But for that to happen his guild needs to get certified in Experience Design. I need to train the Afrostar team, if they are interested.
If afrostar is not interested in receiving the 4 week immersion in experience design without paying anything for it, that is fine. I can withdraw my proposal if you are in doubt, or need more time to think about it. I have 50 women waiting for March approval and 20 more to come in now. If you need time to think about it, we can look at it next month. My question is:
what can Afrostar decide today, March 9th? yes, no or next month ?
Thanks Afrostar!


okay, nice lets try it out, we will like to see it happen, so far its gonna be onboarding 20-50 women into AFROSTAR Guild, as for we deal with female creatives in the guild. lets give it a shot! thank you. @frado

Hi, I think you misunderstood the March´s proposal.
The workshop is only for the councils of afrostar.Only.
understood so far?
What’s the next doubt?

how many council in afrostar?

FraDAO’s community of 50 women will not join the afrostar community. understood?

about 5, but i think the workshop could be opened for every member, what do you think?

in March I will do the workshop just for you 5.
After you learn the technique, you invite and onboard your Afrostar community. So far ok?

in April or May… Whatever…
After you onboarding, of a maximum of 20 people, I will give a maximum of 02 experience design for nft classes to your community within the near hubs virtual reality space.

After I teach these classes on what experience design, you and your council team will continue without me on discord during for 03 weeks. Doing the process just you, without me.

In week 04 I will join at Discord, of the AfroStar community, and explain how the NFTs will be publicized on the internet.

I will create the discord channel with all the information from the workshop, with all the pdfs available explaining the step by step of how to mint the NFT on the marketplaces

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alright cool. lets do it.!


@sterryo @hevertonharieno and @Monish016 .
we had a YES, from Afrostar Guild.