[PROPOSE]Begin VR art Festival - fraDAO - August - 2022

Hi Creative DAO,

Names: Frado @frado and Marinah @marinah_raposo

Account: frado.near

Q3 Council:

frado.near @frado

pbborges.near @patriciab

narau.near @narau

Timeline requesting: Monthly

Target DAO: fradao.sputnik-dao.near

fraDAO Target and KYC: frado.near

Report July: [REPORT] fraDAO - july 2022

Value amount: $3200 USD



Begin VR ART Festival at NearHubs



The fraDAO community has been waiting for this moment since the beginning of the year. Following our roadmap, we start the art festival at nearhubs. The first step is the modeling of our main lobby that will act as a hub for various experiences at nearhubs for an immersive space exhibition, where all artists can exhibit their expressions developed in our workshops, all spaces will have the links to buy nfts from near protocol marketplaces PARAS and Mintbase. This first exposition space, besides the markeplaces links, will have several teleportation portals for other future experiences connected to each other. Visitors can observe, walk or move around objects and can buy than using NEAR.

Full VR / DoF / Six Degrees of Freedom



First, the curator buy and collect all the different arts developed in workshops and create the first art exhibitions, with 3D and 2 Arts. The organics spaces will be modeled on Blender Software, and upload at Nearhubs


Now a full explanation:

Basically, these are some steps to make a VR gallery fit for purpose



Frado and Marinah will be responsible for this Curator and Expography process.

Approximately, 8 hours to 12 hours of work, total $800 USD

In this case, we will have a complex organics structures with all works, it is a closed gallery with walls, this is considered a SIMPLE organization of the exhibition communication of the works, in relation to the public ( Expography). This process is extremely necessary for an exhibition to go well, needing hours, to arrive at the ideal configuration of the arrangements/organizations of the artworks.


2-Design immersive space:


Art Director and conception: Frado

Architecture and conception: Marinah

Approximately, 16 to 20 hours of work: $800 USD [Marinah]

We will be modeling complex organics structures in wireframe with scale and creating an experience to contact an interaction with the collections at arts at the nearhubs. There will be two initial structures: the first is a hall to start the collections; the second structure is a room that you reach by teleportation. Both house arts, sounds and avatars. This is a new place where they can move around, approach computer-generated objects, and interact with items and people.


3-Spoke Server Database:


Web Server, final art and ipfs server: Frado

approximately 8 hours = $400 USD

This is a very technical language, it means that I won’t put the arts works inside the nearhubs server, but inside our database. From our URL addresses, we index inside nearhubs files, consciously and not automatically. So the files are not, in the responsibility of nearhubs server.

This is the extra work we will be doing, to not hinder the nearhubs server and need future support, so we decentralize the responsibility of uploading all works within the VR gallery.


4- programmation:


approximately 4 hours at $100 USD/hour = $400 USD [Frado]

Another even more technical language would be to program your location in XYZ coordinates, everywhere you can teleport, inside the galleries, also your birthplace when 24 users enter together in the same Scene/Session. This programming is also considered as “User Experience” and if you don’t do this you are guaranteed a malfunction for VR glasses users and advanced users.


5-Spatial/panner sound programming:


Sound Designer, soundscape and panner reflections: Frado

approximately 20 hours of creations and technical programming= $800 USD

Another technical language, meaning what radius and perimeter each sound source will reach your ears and in what kind of shape sound reflection will occur. Also considered as “User Experience”. I can say that it is a very thorough job to orchestrate this, within the sound universe.




1 - Full Expography: $800 USD

2 - Design an Immersive Space: $800 USD

3 - Full Server Database service:$400 USD

4 - Spoke programmer: $400 USD

5 - Sound Creation 8D with VR settings: $800 USD

Total Value: $3200 USD


Any doubts or suggestions, we will be available for clarification.


Marinah Raposo and Frado