[APPROVED] First Children of The DAO Budget Request - March


As we said in the announcement of Children of The DAO https://gov.near.org/t/announcement-children-of-the-dao/15684 we will continue to make the guides and proposals that once were made in The Clan.

As this fun way to show kids whats web3:

Hello! Those are our first activities:

And now we need to translate and also make the diagramming of it.

Budget asked translation: 200USD
Budget asked diagramming: 200USD

  • Also we want to make a Fun Info graphic about What is a NFT? In the same molds of the first.

Budget Asked : 350USD

We also want to initiate a study about analogic generative art for newcomers. Making easy to comprehend the collectibles. Including how they are made and why.

  • First phase: Research and text only.

budget Asked: 300UUSD

  • Second phase: Adapt to Kids all the research and texts.

Budget Asked for Illustrate : 400USD

Total Budget Asked : 1450USD + 435USD Councils reward = 1885USD

Councils Children of The DAO



Looks like a great proposal so far, I enjoy the idea of creating educational content for youth! :slight_smile:

We are wondering if you could share a bit more about who will be writing up some of this content and where you will be sharing it with the community?


Hello! Those are bouties and will be open to community. Thats why i separated the research from the illustration and adaptation for the kids. We have some awesome educators in our community and also potential professionals outside the NEAR who would love to make part too. - So i will let them know about those kind of projects - I always make the promotion of bounties inside and outside the near environment and already onboard a lot of new professionals to NEAR using this tactic.

All sharing will be in the Creative Commons and i also put here in the forum for the use of all.

Thank you very much for the questions! They where really important!


our team falt in love with web3.0 guide for kids and we’re looking forward to see the next one about NFT
still have an idea to translate guide in russian, to be spread among russian community
so probably to put TheClan logo somewhere in the corner could be a good idea, how do you think?


Thanks so much for the info! We would love to know who the professionals are that are working on the project and already onboarded into the ecosystem. Just trying to get a better understanding of the project and community engaging, especially as it pertains to youth!


Sure! We initiated the Children of The DAO in The Clan and we made a Stipend Creators With Kids and still inside The Clan we are producing the Guide For Parents From paper to NFT .

  • I wan to specify the activities and guides are for parents. They are all produced with the supervision of our council deniseis.near who is graduated in pedagogy and childrens teachers too. Our main goal is support parents with kids that are indicating artistics wills. They are educational projects, and target the parents.

The Clan gives support to Creators with parents, so here i will give you examples of professionals that are artists and parents and also that already work with kids material dedicated - morbeck.near (architect, educator, artist and parent too) , @Natashacremonese (kids art teacher) , @Akira (art teacher and dad) , @macieira (artist and parent who is truly dedicated to this kind of movement) among others i am bringing for this universe.

  • I want to clarify again, that this is a request for budget to make Bounties. And everything will be make with my supervision and deniseis.near and @Natashacremonese too.

Any further points i can clarify please let me know @adrianseneca and thank you very much for the constructives questions.


Hello @johanga we will adapt for you translate! We will be using the Children of The DAO logo too and The Clan… i will reach you TG… thank you!


Thank you so much for the clarification! After understanding better the proposal seems good and follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators! Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO astrodao [link: Astro ] so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guidelines: [New Process] Community Payouts


Amazing work by @whoiscavenaghi . Thank you very much for the opportunity to participate, our family appreciates it.


Thanks @whoiscavenaghi for the mention. Children of The DAO in The Clan is extremely important for the path we are on, the support is fundamental and this whole movement is very important for our children. We already have our family wallet lemosmacieira.near with works by our daughters Duda and Malu.


Hi @whoiscavenaghi! I love the art and the intent.

I am looking to get some teacher feedback on the use of a story that includes a DAO as a way for kids to learn about DAOs. Here is the thread: https://gov.near.org/t/teaching-daos-to-kids-and-young-people.

What is the best way to meet teachers in the NEARverse? Are there any groups I could reach out to?