I am happy to announce the beginning of a very nice project called Children Of The DAO. Our main purpose is to create material and ways that newcomers can produce and learn tools and how web3 works. We will also create funds and initiatives to help and support ONGs and small projects focused in the artistic world. Our DAO initially said has deniseis.near as council who is a degree in Education, natashacremoneseartista.near a art teacher for children who already is working with projects for kids on NEAR, and me.

Our Starter project was the Stipend for Creators with Kids (project created inside The Clan DAO) , that was created a funny guide for kids in a playfull manner.

Our second Project is the Guide From paper to NFT … that will be created a Guide for the Parentes who wants to transform the little ones ART into NFT and at same time explain to them what is web3, how to mint, use marketplaces and etc.


Updating our philosophy, the Children of the DAO - has Children in the name with the meaning of newcomers - thirsty to knowledge.
We aim produce workshops, teach analogue tools and modern too.

I tag @amgando for feedbacks and orientation.

Note - Akira.near was added to the council, he is an art teacher and dad.

Councils Of Children Of The DAO:


Nice … I have talked a lot with my daughter about the possibility of her exploring her artistic side inside a blockchain.
I will want to know more about the project


Oh that’s awesome! Telegram Children of the DAO enter here!

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Congratulations for project my Friend! :sparkles::sparkles::sparkles::sparkles:

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