[APPROVED] Children of The DAO Analogue collectible's and Guide Study


Hello Creatives!

This month we will test the use of our educational material! We will made a group of parents and educators and they will put in practice our guide From Paper to NFT Guide and Analogue Collectibles “How it Works for Kids”.

Steps: Make a video explaining how the experiment will work.
- Promote the Project and make a solid group of parents and educators.
- Give support and orientation until the finish of all activities.
- Make a full report with photos and videos to study the methods we are creating.

Ammount asked: 300USD for the pedagogical accompanied of the full study.
20USD in Near for each active participants. - 200USD
300USD for the production of all project.
200USD production and edition of videos.

Total Ammount Asked: 1000USD

Children of The DAO Councils




Hi there could you let us know what the 200USD is for without any details?

20$ each - 200$ total - 10 participants! @adrianseneca

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