[Approved]February 2022 Social Media Marketing Budget for KalakendraDAO

DAO Name: KalakendraDAO
DAO Address: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near
Funding Period: For the month of February 2022
Project: KalakendraDAO Social Media Management for February 2022
gurubaran.near - @gurubaran
monish016.near - @monish016
Shyams.near - shyam
Psycopomp.near - psycopomp
Funding amount requested: 437 USD

KalakendraDAO Social Media Linktree: KalakendraDAO | Linktree

Here’s our previous month report:


In the month of January, we received funding from the MarketingDAO for the first time for KalakendraDAO for Social Media activities and you can find the report of our January activities above.
For the month of February, we have a lot of activities planned for the month. We are mainly conducting educational sessions for all the creative artists where we have a one-on-one meet or online meet & explain to them about NFTs & blockchain.
Our community has been growing really well & our organic reach has definitely increased after we were consistently posting on Social Media.
We would like to continue this effort going forward and would like to request funds from MarketingDAO.

The tasks which will be handled by the Social Media team are:

Facebook - 50 USD

  • Creating visual content & posting it on the Facebook page
  • Creating events in Facebook events(if there are any) and inviting people for the event

Instagram - 100 USD

  • Creating visual content & posting it on the Instagram page
  • Constantly sharing information about NEAR ecosystem news related to the creatives
  • Promoting the posts & NFTs which is minted on the NFTs which is minted by artists on boarded by KalakendraDAO
  • Outreach to artists and Onboard them to join KalakendraDAO and Near Protocol

Twitter - 100 USD

  • Creating visual content & posting it on the Twitter page
  • Constantly sharing & retweeting the information about NEAR ecosystem news related to the creatives
  • Promoting the posts & NFTs which is minted on the NFTs which is minted by artists on boarded by KalakendraDAO

YouTube - 50 USD

  • Uploading, editing & promoting the educational sessions which are conducted by KalakendraDAO
  • We will also be streaming the event live on YouTube of our events & we are actively promoting this channel to increase our subscribers

Telegram - 100 USD

  • Actively engaging with the community about our events & session on Telegram
  • Sharing NEAR related posts & also bounty opportunities available
  • Clarifying any queries/concerns related to NEAR/NFTs/KalakendraDAO in general
  • Promoting the NFTs minted by the artists onboarded by KalakendraDAO
  • To use NEAR Tip bot to encourage active discussions in the community group

Canva Pro - 14 USD+4 USD(currency conversion charges USD to INR & Tax)

  • We would like to purchase a Canva premium subscription for creating visual content for our social media

Zoom subscription - 15 USD+4 USD (currency conversion charges USD to INR & Tax)

  • We would like to purchase a Zoom pro subscription for hosting webinars and also mainly to record our educational sessions & uploading it on YouTube.

Current Social Media statistics:

  • Facebook: 4 Followers
  • Instagram: 116 Followers
  • Twitter: 86 Followers
  • YouTube : 19 Subscribers
  • Telegram: 77 Members

The metrics for measuring success will be to successfully post regularly in all the platforms.

Facebook - 3 to 4 posts/week and resharing relevant posts
Instagram - 3 to 4 posts/week and posting relevant stories
Twitter - 3 to 4 posts/week with relevant retweets

The milestones or the metrics which can be measured for the success of all our marketing efforts will be to analyze what is working & what isn’t and act accordingly to improve our results.
The ideal numbers we are expecting after our marketing activities are:

  • Facebook - 15 which is a growth rate of 275%
  • Instagram - 130 which is a growth rate of 12%
  • Twitter - 100 which is a growth rate of 16%
  • YouTube - 25 which is a growth rate of 31.58%
  • Telegram - 85 which is a growth rate of 10%

Amount: 437 USD
Target: kalakendradao.sputnik-dao.near
Please ask any questions/need clarifications and we would be happy to address them.


Good morning. What are you doing guys @MktngDAO_Advisors ?


Just to Clarify:

Are you Publishing 3 to 4 unique Posts across per week on:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

4 Weeks Per Month x 3 x 3 channels = 26 Original posts

Is each post original or are you just repurposing the same few posts multiple times on each channe?

What is the format and purpose of the Webinar?

Where are promoting these webinars?

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Hi @gurubaran – Thanks for submitting a clear proposal and also for your Jan report and the specific stats and screenshots you included.

While I agree with @Klint that it would be great to see more detail on the content you’re creating and posting, I do think your proposal is clear.

I’m happy to give my support for your social media marketing activities to continue receiving funding for February.


Hi @Klint & @so608,

Thank you for your response
We are reposting the same few posts on each channels. The total number of unique posts will be around 12-15/month.

The budget we are seeking is a mix of all Content creation costs, Ad costs, NEAR Tip Bot, Tools cost, Keeping the channel active by actively managing them.

With respect to the webinar we have prepared our own slides starting from Web 1, Web 2, Web 3 & then move slowly into blockchain & NFTs. The sessions are conducted in regional languages. We are promoting the webinars mainly in the Instagram stories, our personal Instagram accounts & WhatsApp as of now.

To increase the reach & scale for our upcoming webinars we will also be promoting it using Facebook & Instagram Ads to get more registrations. Also our sessions will be conducted on Zoom & they will be recorded as well which will be uploaded in YouTube & also the snippets of the session will be used for promotion as well.


Looks great! You’ve got a thumbs up from me.

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Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps

Thanks :muscle:

Cc @gurubaran @Monish016

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