[Approved] muti DAO January Social Media / Marketing Support

DAO: muti DAO

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Project: Social Media Management January & Website development

Links: @muti.collective | Linktree

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Dec proposal

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Creatives DAO report Dec

Creatives DAO proposal January


In December we received funding through the Marketing vertical for the first time and it helped a lot to develop the social media channels of our DAO.

In January we will have 4 online streams, 2 recording sessions, a physical artist residency as well as a visual bounty and 2 musical projects going on, projects can be found in the above mentioned January request for the Creatives DAO, several of those projects will also result in new NFTs in our Mintbase store and new content for our Youtube channel.

The monthly tasks for the social media management position are:

  • Facebook

    • Management: creating events for the online streams and residency events & sharing 100 USD x N
    • Actively growing the followers through more ad campaigns 50 USD x N
  • Instagram:

    • Management: creating visual content, posting 3-4x per week, including NFT drops, stories & posts from other DAOs within the Ecosystem & the NEAR profile - 120 USD x N
  • Twitter:

    • Min. 3 posts & retweets per week about streams, events, collaborations & funding options (through the gov. forum) - 120 USD x N
  • Youtube/Twitch:

    • Upload & promotion of content from streams, premiers & events, developing marketing strategy to gain more followers - 40 USD x N
  • Telegram:

    • Weekly community calls
    • Sharing of bounties/ possibilities in the ecosystem & nurturing DAO to DAO / artist collaborations through actively connecting them with other artists
    • Reviewing funding proposals & updates - 100 USD x N
  • Website in development: server & host are purchased; landing page will be created to be ready by the end of the month incl SEO - 60 USD

  • Canva Pro: to create visual content for the channels 13.59 USD x N

Current numbers:

  • FB: Followers 108 - 26.041 reached
  • IG: 400 Followers
  • Twitter: 261 Followers
  • Youtube : 17 followers
  • TG: 89 members


We would like to keep on growing min. 8 followers per week/ for IG & Twitter (8%) and 5 new followers for per week for FB (18,5%).

We realised that Youtube/Twitch is a tougher crowd and therefore would like to push this one more, with uploading more content & promoting the channel. (We did not use the 20 USD funds from last month in the wallet but given that this month we plan to have min. 6 uploads and need time to develop a Youtube strategy, we would like to request 40 USD more to have 60 USD available in total)


We have been in touch with the Flying Rhino Guild specifically to promote our NFTs/Mintbase store as they have a wider reach in this area. We have not received a price/concrete service proposal yet but wanted to mention this to keep things transparent.

Amount: 543.59 USD

Target: muti.sputnik-dao.near

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Good morning. After reviewing your last proposals and results, I’m voting Yes.

Have a great day!

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Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

Of course, which link would you like us to share?


Hey everyone, just tagging the remaining @marketingdao-council to see if/how we could proceed with the proposal :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, happy to move this to Approved

Thanks for the detailed proposal.

Please note: The payout process is changing. Do not submit a funding request to the DAO. You will be notified when the new process is live. Thanks!


Thank you! Looking forward on knowing how to proceed then :slight_smile:


Hey again :slight_smile:

We’ve received now the budget from the Flying Rhino Guild for January. We’d be in their tier 3 for promotional services (specifically to push the NFTs and the DAOs projects/artists). The price for this service is 1000 USD in N, we’ve been told to add this here, should I add it to the initial proposal for January?

Good evening. Wow , $1000. I think it’s better to get money directly to the guild from Marketing DAO and don’t pay some extra to middleman’s… I believe you have great members in Muti DAO who can do this job .

$1000 one service from Flying Rhino (NFT promotion) vs 543.59 USD for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Web-site and Canva.

Ps: just my opinion.


If Flying Rhino Guild are covering the costs and/or providing the service, then there shouldn’t be a need to submit to the MarketingDAO (yourself). It would be covered in the funding the FRG get.

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Ok great, thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

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