[Approved] DiscoverBOS The B.O.S reference from Resources to Marketing - Jan 2024

DiscoverbOS: Progress and Expansion - MarketingDAO Proposals


Hello again, BOS community and @marketingdao-council,

We’re excited to update you on the progress of DiscoverBOS and propose further steps for expansion in Q1. Your initial support has been invaluable, and we’re committed to delivering

on our promises.

Proposal Precisely Approved:



Since our last proposal, DiscoverBOS has achieved significant milestones:

  • Twitter Impressions: Surpassed the target with a 12% increase.
    • Nov: 30K impressions
    • Dec: 50K impressions


  • Well Curated Library of Resources
    • 15,000 users visiting the resources page in the past 2 weeks


  • Tutorials: Successfully produced and shared 7 high-quality tutorials.
  • Workshop: 3 Successful Workshops
    • Conducted 2 successful IRL workshops, garnering positive feedback.
    • One Successful virtual workshop with which included participation of Founders from ProximityLabs, Linea Protocol, QuickSwapDex, BanyanUS, JutsuAI, DapDap,
  • Developer Onboarding: DiscoverBOS components library resources being used to onboard new developers. This Witnessed a 20% increase in developer onboarding and commits on BOS.


Fund Request: $7,000

Please kindly note that we do have support from BuildDao and BanyanUS on the Dev and technical part of building DiscoverBOS

Justification: To sustain momentum and facilitate expansion, we propose the following budget allocation:

  • Content Creation and Marketing: $2,000
  • Ongoing Curation of Projects and Resource library development : $3000
  • Workshops and Community Outreach: Dev workshops Program $2,000


  • Produce 8 additional high-quality video tutorials.
  • Conduct 3 more successful workshops in external developer communities.
  • Continuous development and curation of project and resource library
  • Enhance the Ambassador Program with targeted training sessions and incentives.

Return on Investment:

  • Anticipate a 25% increase in developer onboarding and commits on BOS within Q1 2024.


  • We value your input. Please share any feedback or suggestions for the next phase of DiscoverBOS.

In Closing

  • DiscoverBOS is on a trajectory of success, and with your continued support, we aim to solidify our position as the leading reference for BOS. Thank you for your ongoing t rust.For any questions, reach me on TG and Twitter : @inspiratibiz
  • Near wallet: discoverbos.near
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Hi @Ola thanks for the proposal. A few questions/comments:

I see there’s been a 25% increase in dev onboarding, which is great. As a reference, here are the metrics we need grantees to be able to track and show performance around based on NDC guidelines:

To evaluate the results, please use the following metrics that will be used for tracking individual initiatives’ performance by DAO.

All the metrics must be attributable to the relevant project/initiative through on-chain activity and off-chain reporting, ensuring GDPR compliance and preserving privacy:

  1. Accounts retention after 1/2/4/8 weeks — the percentage of accounts who continue interacting on the chain over a given time period (higher is better).
  2. Account acquisition cost — budget divided by the number of accounts interacting through the funded initiative (lower is better).
  3. Median number of dApps used by P95 accounts retained for 1+ week (higher is better).
  4. Number of accounts retained for 1+ week using at least three dApps (higher is better)
  5. Social engagement score — some compound metric of the number of posts, likes, and followers/views in social media produced by the users.

Which do you track for content – what’s your strategy/practice there?

MDAO is focused on funding initiatives that are producing content around the topics on the Editorial Calendar we’ve established based on ecosystem stakeholder priorities (e.g. NDC, NF, Grassroots DAOs, etc). Can this initiative produce content tied to these topics and, if so, which ones?


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Thank you for your proposal, Could you attach your previous report?

Hello Lorraine,

Thank you for your response…

DiscoverBOS is focused on producing and have been producing content-focused on

  • The Openweb
  • Easy onboarding
  • Chain Abstraction.

Just to further mention that we are not just producing content around these topics, we have also been doing workshops, building resources and partnerships/collaborations around them both in and outside the ecosystem

Such as collaborations with ProximityLabs, QuickSwapDex on Polygon, Linea/Consensys, Jutsu, DapDap around the Open Web and Chain Abstraction Virtual Workshop where we deep dived into the Openweb and Chain Abstraction.


We are also leveraging Our Collaborations with NearBalkan, Banyan US and other partners in building a curated educational library of resources on above topics.

With regards to account retention on onchain analysis, please note that discoverBOS is built onchain and it is a Near OpenWeb discovery platform that easily guide and users in navigating the Near and BOS ecosystem. Over the past 2weeks we have had 15,000 users visit our platform

While our Collaboration with our Community outreach partners such as with NearXArt to help with Onboarding and retention of Creators on BOS

Interaction onchain:

  • 50+ Art works created to be uploaded and sold on the upcoming Built on BOS Art market place.(not NFT but traditional created art )
  • Shard.dog: 50+ NFT created
  • Near.social: >100 post and reviews from the event tracable with #Paintandcreate
  • Mynearwallet: 100+ wallet created
  • Keypom: 50+ wallets created
  • Mintbase, Na vito.art
  • Near BOS

Find more on :point_down:

Another collaboration with Near Africa’s Web Fusion 3 days Hackathon that was Sponsored by DevHub’s HackBOX where the about 100 developers that were present used DiscoverBOS platform primarily to navigate getting materials and resources to help building on BOS




In conclusion,

DiscoverBOS is a resource platform and a gateway with educational and onboarding purpose for masses to learn about the Near and the BOS layer Openweb.

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Hello Bakaka,

Proposal has been editted to include report as mentioned

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Hi @Ola i have reviewed your proposal and am happy to support. Please ensure you align with our KPIs and post a Report. Thanks

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@cryptocredit, thank you for your support.

We sure will align with the Mdao KPIs and a report will also be sent to this effect.

Dear team! Your proposal was approved :rocket:!

Marketing (Eco) DAO February’s funding procedure:

2nd - 7th of January: Applicants submit proposals on the BOS page
8th - 12th: Review and feedback by Councils

12th - 13th: Budget Compilation and Submission. MDAO Council members compile the final budget for NDC and submit funding request to the House of Merit.

13th - 17th: HOM Review and Voting.House of Merit members review and vote on funding requests, providing feedback to Grassroots DAOs and applicants.

17th - 23rd: CoA Review and Voting. Council of Advisors reviews and votes on funding requests. Once approved,

The trustees will carry out the transaction, provided that the expenses align with the Trust’s objectives;
KYC can be required for new applicants

Important Notes:

NDC is not responsible for losses due to Near price changes. Delays may occur beyond NDC procedures and due to force majeure events.