[Approved] Discord Quiz with rewards

How are you folks! I hope you have had a good start to your week! Let me tell you about this proposal i have.

I implemented a new bot in the server, called “QuizBot” and as the name suggests you can make a quiz and the community by interacting with the messages that the bot sends can vote.

This bot gives users a limited period of time for them to answer the questions made and it automatically gives points to the ones who interacted if they answered correctly. So it creates a leaderboard in order to make Moderators easier to choose the winners!

I think this will increase engagement with the community and we can do it once a month, and if it has a very good impact, maybe more often.

Now when it comes to rewards, i would like to give them only to the first FIVE of the leaderboard, and the rewards would be like this:

-1st place: 10 $NEAR

-2nd place: 8 $NEAR

-3rd place: 6 $NEAR

-4th place: 4 $NEAR

-5th place: 2 $NEAR

Total of: 30 $NEAR

I would like to hear what you think, if it is too much or not!

And let me explain a little bit how the bot works.

In an specific channel in Discord, named #quiz when i insert the command required, the bot starts sending the questions that i personally introduced. I am planning to make 10 questions for the first quiz, and i´ll give users only 8 seconds to answer, and the ones that answer faster will be better ranked in the leaderboard!

Here you can see an example of a question:

And this is an example of the quiz inside discord:



So thats basically it! I would love to hear your opinion about this!

Have a great week, your friend,


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Yes. This is great! It would really engage the community highly.:slightly_smiling_face:


Wow! this is very important to increase community engagement


@Benz_Near! this looks like a great idea :slight_smile:

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This is awesome. The engagement it will bring will be high and many more people will join in after hearing of it.


brilliant ideas as always… good job!


Very nice !
Good job

Well you can have a look at the same for telegram too.:slight_smile:

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Love it, but i think it should be 15 sec

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Sounds like a great idea. I have seen this in Ref finance once. The activity was highly appreciated by everyone and it would definitely increase the near related knowledge among users


Love it!
Great idea! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ve seen firsthand the effectiveness of these and they’re an awesome way to engage the Community.

Has my full support :muscle:

cc @Community-Squad

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Let’s do it! Do we file this through the Community DAO?



If you are talking about our NEAR India telegram then let me tell you right now we are busy with restructuring our guild and once we are done with that then we will come with many things for our telegram for sure.


Really agree wit this. We can cover about engagement from people and let them learn and know more about NEAR… LOVE IT

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Wow this is exciting!! Let’s do it!!!

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Seems to fit into Marketing/Community engagement, so could be either.

I propose we move it to the MarketingDAO to speed things up a little.


cc @marketingdao-council


Great engagement strategy


This is an amazing idea, and I also think that it would engage the community in a very positive way.


I love this bot ! I use Kahoot on the Blockchain Diplomat I teach on Tecnologia Financiera Institution.

So, I am sure this is gonna bring more engage and will educate our followers/members/users

:beers: :v:


Today I found this post: “TriviaBot” we should collaborate between every similar educational bot project