[Approved] Datality.com Pre-Launch Marketing Budget - Q1

Can you clarify what you’re referring to, please? Are you referring to OWS, Flying Rhino Guild, or Datality?


I understand that the Flying Rhino Guild is an NF project, but this one is not clear)

It’s not an NF project, it’s an independent Guild which receives funding from the NEAR Foundation (as all Guilds do).

Datality is a project which @Clint-Datality is leading, read the original post and further up in the thread to understand what they’re launching. Think of it like an eBay for research data.

See what’s been built already here :point_up:


Everything, I understand, I’ll read it in more detail to understand the essence, otherwise I’m really confused)
Thank you David! Sorry for wasting your time on these questions!


No problem, and there’s no such thing as silly questions! Always happy to help :muscle:


Thanks @Dacha , @David_NEAR and @NearCommunity !

I’m discussing tokenization and DAO potential with Legal Guild Monday morning. I haven’t yet explored that method of governance and funding… it’s one of my areas of inexperience.

But with so many researchers out there who could directly benefit on launch day, perhaps we’ll find a DAO framework allows Datality to explode and therefore overlaps more with MarketingDAO’s mission.

More to come! :slight_smile: :muscle: :rocket:



Please continue the discussion here:

Let’s not fill up this thread.


Hey @Clint-Datality ,

This is approved, please submit a funding request to the DAO. Thanks!

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Thanks for the diligence and rigor, everyone!

We won’t let you down… we will make sure this benefits the NEAR community. :muscle::pray::rocket:

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Hey @David_NEAR ! Maybe I’m being thick-headed, but I can’t see a “create new proposal” link/button on Astro per the funding instructions on [Guide] How to submit a funding proposal to the Marketing DAO - #5 by Dacha. Can you help a brother out?

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Hey Clint!

Absolutely, should be a guide here under ‘requesting payouts’:

However, we’re on the verge of changing the payout format, would you be ok with waiting until Friday (ish) to submit the funding request? That’d be ideal for us

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Good morning, and no problem! I’ll check back on it this weekend!


Proposal submitted, @David_NEAR . Please LMK if you need any further details.

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Hey Clint,

We’re still waiting on the new funding process to go live. Shouldn’t be too much longer.

Update here:


Hey David,

Looks like the funding process went live a few days ago! Do you need me to fill out the KYC form to get things rolling?


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GM Clint, yes please - thanks a tonne!

Hello Clint! Since the Marketing DAO is following the payout process as shared above, I have been asked to nudge you to now post this proposal as a poll to the Marketing DAO Astro DAO so the Council can vote on the funding to be granted to you.

This action is needed from you as a successful (passed) poll is needed before we can proceed to the next/final step of issuing the Reward Agreement for your representative to sign.

Please let us know if you have any questions/concerns!

cc: @marketingdao-council


Good morning! This is created!

Thanks so much!

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Hello, @David_NEAR , @Dacha and council!

There is 1 day remaining for the funding voting per my previous message and I don’t have any questions or decision from 4 of the 6 members. Is there anything else I can provide?

Thanks a ton!

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Hey Clint, no, all good, just need to wait for people to approve on AstroDAO. We have a call in 20 mins, will remind people then

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