[APPROVED] DAOrecords Budget | July-22


The latest report to Creatives DAO - [REPORT] DAOrecords Monthy Recap | June-22


  • daorecords.near
  • sleezymoss.near
  • crans.near
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  • daocubator.near

Budget Breakdown

Total requested funds: $5000 in $DAI
Target: daorecords.near daorecords.sputnik-dao.near

Metrics to measure success:

DAOrecords is working on the FonoRoot, an on-demand Music NFT factory, and we believe that with the appropriative distribution of our product, musicians will be using it daily on a global scale in order to sell their music. In addition, we are aiming to create a supplementary tool to the FonoRoot, to make minting and controlling more friendly for the user and fans.
Moreover, we’re collaborating with other DAOs and projects on NEAR, supporting each other with their daily mission.

Community Partners

Internal Metaverse metrics are being prepared for the month of June, meanwhile, feel free to check the internal recap with metrics (numbers also available) on DAOrecords’ Medium.

June was a busy and exciting month for the DAOrecords Team. We have managed to launch a fundraiser for $SPLASH token thanks to the massive help of the Meta Yield, check the latest report to know more!
The dev team continues to work on the FonoRoot, the marketing team constantly moves forward with the SoundSplash promotion and management to keep the series on the highest and most professional level.
In July we’re going to have four SoundSplash drops (check the Lineup in July-22 below).
We’d like to continue with our main mission - reinvent the record label by decentralizing the music industry. In order to do so, we seek support from the CreativesDAO community. Please find details below, and check the proposed objectives for July 2022 by the DAOrecords team members.

Appreciate your time during this review process!

Lineup in July-22

DAOrecords Project Overview (Partners, Roadmap, Tokenomics, Services)

Key Links

DAOrecords Audio NFT Launchpad
DAOrecords Website
2DVerse Venue
Cryptovoxels Venue


Wrong DAO vertical.

As well

Cc: @David_NEAR

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Hey @Dacha, fully understand your confusion related with the name of the proposal submitted by @_Tech1, however, those proposals are not mainly meant for DAO verticals, as they are related with the work planned to be done for DAOrecords in July by its team members, so please treat those DAOrecords’ proposals as our internal process, which allows us to keep a transparency spirit in the DAO.

Also, please do note that those proposals were created with #daorecords tag in creatives category, no vertical tag was added there. Please also note that monthly reports by @_Tech1 for DAOrecords are also the reports for Marketing DAO.

July’s proposal to the Marketing DAO will be available at end of the next week, and internally proposals for the DAOrecords, as you can see, were used as addition attachments for the creation of the funding proposal to the Creatives DAO.

Hope that thanks to the above information, I’ve resolved any doubts!

Thank you for your duty.

Cc @David_NEAR


Tagging @creativesdao-council for visibility. Thank you!

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Hello all!

It looks like the Social Media aspect of this project could be proposed to Marketing DAO and potentially the website design from the Product Designer portion as I believe we all decided websites are not part of Creatives funding?

I am also noticing that these proposals have been very tech/development heavy which isn’t as usual for Creatives DAO.

My personal feelings are that because all of this is building the foundations of your creative based project - I don’t have a problem. But ultimately it is up to the moderators team and then the community to decide. Perhaps you can submit what makes the most sense to Marketing and see what everyone else thinks here? tagging @creativesdao-council to expand the conversation.


Hey @adrianseneca

Please check the report made by @_Tech1, besides the Marketing, you can also spot that Tech covers flyers design which strictly falls under the Creatives category! Tech made one proposal instead of dividing it into two.

The proposal to Marketing DAO has been submitted today, please check our campaign:

I understand, however, please note that based on our product in development, we are providing value for the music artists in Creatives DAO and in the NEAR overall, also it’s a part of our self-sustainability plan.
Moreover, we believe that SoundSplash Series falls under the Creatives DAO category, as we release music, promote the artists, create utility for their art… and do some cool stuff with NFTs! (cc [REPORT] Community Manager | DAOrecords | June 2022)

Please check SoundSplash Intro to know more!

DAOrecords would really appreciate your support in our journey!
Curious about others’ opinions from @creativesdao-mods!



FYI, internal recap, with June metrics/traffic in Metaverse, gathered AMAs, and June’s releases are up now!

Hey DAOrecords! After reviewing you proposal we are happy to say that you follow the guidelines and approved by the moderators! Here are a few reasons as to why we feel comfortable approving you:

  • organized & structured according to the guidelines
  • offering valuable projects that are tangibly contributing to the Creatives DAO & NEAR ecosystem overall
  • thorough and clear reporting
  • clear next steps and purpose
  • growth path is outlined
  • contribution to consistently growing the NEAR ecosystem with verifiable metrics to track
  • fair and clear description of labor being done

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization