[REPORT] DAOrecords Monthy Recap | July-22

DAOrecords Report for July 2022

DAO address: daorecords.sputnik-dao.near


  • crans.near (54 votes)
  • sleezymoss.near (53 votes)
  • vandal.near (56 votes)
  • daorecords.near (58 votes)
  • daocubator.near (0 votes)

Team members on-chain: 8

DAOrecords Website - https://www.daorecords.org/

DAOrecords Launchpad/Product - Fono Root

Proposal for July - [APPROVED] DAOrecords Budget | July-22

Completed July objectives:

Blog publications in June:


DAOrecords would like to thank CreativesDAO for its fantastic support in our mission, support of the team’s creativity, and support of released artists. Internal reports for the month of July, submitted by the team members, are now available for the NEAR community. I invite you also to check the blog posts, where you can get more insight about the artists and their songs. If you supported DAOrecords in SoundSplash by buying SplashPass during the past few months, don’t forget to claim your $SPLASH tokens via Roketo - https://app2.roke.to/.
Don’t forget also to visit Fono Root and scoop up some Music NFTs, as a sign of the support of what we are doing here!
We’ve got a few interesting tools building by our devs, they’re going to be integrated with the FonoRoot, meanwhile, we’ll continue to release the music artists using our core product.