[APPROVED] Community map and notice board/ information point for Arroz Studios


Laurapnz.near and Mette.near propose making a physical community map and notice board for Arroz studios.

The intention is to make the community using the studios more aware of the shared interests and activities, and create a wall to share information about opportunities for collaboration development both virtually and physically.

The project has been costed at 55 euro, with a few euros buffer. Therefore we’re asking for 15N for materials and working hours by Massi.
Details below:
8€ cork roll board

19€ Leroy Merlin thin wood board (as the cork is thin we need a support)

12€ 2h Massi’s work to build / glue the board (or 1h if I help him maybe?)

5€ gasolina to go to Leroy Merlin (same price if we pay the delivery to Arroz)

10€ for markers, pins, tape, pens, post its etc

TOTAL 55€ + buffer =



@chloe and @frnvpr - this is @laurapnz 's draft models. Will post pics of the real thing and us all populating soon!


Hello @Mette, fred here :slight_smile: Great to see this idea come to fruition;

I think you tagged me when you wanted to tag @mecsbecs :slight_smile:

Awesome idea, by the way :smiley: @laurapnz rocks!