[Approved]Christmas is NEAR, let your creativity flow

CONTEST NAME: Christmas is NEAR, let your creativity flow
CONTEST DATES: December 15th-1st January

Let’s make this Christmas season more NEARer with 10 Creative contests over 10 days. Each contest will run for 24 hours and have a different Christmas theme. Enter every day for a chance to win. Just be sure each entry includes a properly displayed NEAR logo and the correct daily Christmas theme. Then let your creativity take it from there. Have fun!

The Goal is to:

  1. Increase and drive new members to discord community
  2. Increase NEAR Twitter followers and publicity
  3. Have fun and boost community engagement

4 DAILY WINNERS: Each day we will determine the top 3 entries based on creativity, talent, effort, and following instructions. The 3 top entries each day will receive NEAR prizes as follows:

1st place = 6 $NEAR

2nd place = 4 $NEAR

3rd place = 2 $NEAR

In addition, 1 random winner will be selected each day. The daily random winner will receive 1 $NEAR

SUBMISSION THEMES AND DEADLINES: Each of the 10 daily contests will run for approximately 24 hours, beginning at 8:00 p.m. UTC and running until 7:59 p.m. UTC the following day. Announcements will be posted in a ( channel created for this) each day to announce the daily theme and mark the beginning and end of each daily contest.

ANNOUNCEMENT OF WINNERS: Winners will be announced in the ( channel created for this) within 24 hours of each daily contest close.

DAILY ENTRY: You may enter ONE time each day, but you may not use the same entry more than once. Each time you enter you must make a new/unique submission. Submitting an entry more than once will disqualify you from the contest on that day.

WIN LIMIT: Though you are encouraged to enter each day, you will only be eligible to win a maximum of five times. You may continue to submit one creative work each day after you have won five times, but it will not be eligible to receive any of the daily prizes (even if fewer than 4 entries were submitted that day).

END OF YEAR DRAWING: Each entry you submit (maximum of one per day) gives you one entry into the end of year drawing for (some NEAR) Between 30th December and 1st January twenty winners will be randomly selected to receive 5 $NEAR each. You will increase your chances of winning each time you participate in one of the daily contests.


1st place = 6 $NEAR

2nd place = 4 $NEAR

3rd place = 2 $NEAR

Random winner = 1 $NEAR

25 winners = 5 $NEAR each


Daily budget =>13 $NEAR x 10days = 130 $NEAR

End of year Drawing Budget => 5x20people= 100 $NEAR

Total = 230 $NEAR
Total in USD = $1,840

CONTEST RULES: Your entry must meet ALL of the criteria below in order to qualify (entries that do not meet ALL criteria will be disqualified)…

Include a properly displayed NEAR logo (proper shape, color, and rotation).

Include the designated Christmas theme for the day.

To enter the contest you must do ALL of the following:

Share your work on Twitter. Be sure to tag @NEARProtocol, include the hashtag #giveaway, say something positive about NEAR, and encourage your friends to join us in Discord by posting your personal invite link*.

Post the url link to your Tweet and attach your creative work in the channel.
You may share the following invite link if you do not know how to create your own. :point_right::point_down:https://discord.gg/8KrfGnM8u7

Do not copy the work of others. Multiple entries may represent the daily Christmas theme in very similar ways, but if one entry directly copies significant elements from another entry it will be disqualified.

One entry per person per day. If you submit multiple entries on one day ALL of your entries for that day will be disqualified from the daily contest and also will not be included in the end of month drawing.

You may not use the same entry more than one time. If you submit an entry more than once it will not be eligible to receive a daily prize or be entered in the end of year drawing.

Winners will be paid within 24 hours of being announced in the community.



so where to enter ?!

Nice creative activity for Xmas, hope you can get approval to deploy it, make it a sub channel on Discord for the competition! :smiley: :beers:

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I’ve noticed this is in the MarketingDAO category, are you requesting funding for this?


Hi David, this idea from George Pro came up on the Discord MOD channel after the success here:

Will be nice to have any feedback about the reward for the winners.

Cheers :beers:

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Looks great, but would love to see all the following included in a proposal:

  • Goals
  • How success will be measured
  • Funding amount requested
  • Predicted impact

Generally; what are we aiming to achieve with this? Drive members to the DC? Increase Twitter followers? Engagement?

All of that would impact the value of the rewards IMO


Great idea. Surely would drive in more engagements into Near Discord.


@GeorgePro1 I really really like this chirstmas initiative!

But the same as David says here!



Where will this be announced? In Discord/TG?

I don’t think this is necessary

It will be announced on telegram, Discord and all official channel communication of NEAR for proper dissemination of information about this context.


I will make changes where necessary. Thanks for pointing it out :+1:


I would like to hear @JMaenen’s thoughts if he’s around :raised_hands:


Edited! Necessary changes made👍

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Can We Start now, and post our excellent

Interesting proposal! Feeling the festive mood!

My only suggestions would be to:

  • Have an event specific hashtag that all participants must use. The only current hashtag #giveaway is too generic. Ideally, anyone could click on the event specific hashtag and find all the entries for every day. We could even be trending.
  • Announce the daily themes in advance. Ideally you want to give people as much notice as possible to make it fair for all participants. 24 hour submission timeline is very tight and you want to guard against the perception that competition unfairly favours insiders who knew the themes in advance and had more time to prepare better entries.
  • Nice to have: run this through as AstroDAO. Would love to see an Astro that leverage the Poll functionality - enable anyone to vote on polls without being members. Have winner submit payout proposals to DAO.




This is all good with me, I’m happy to approve and spread the Christmas cheer :santa:

Do take note of @satojandro’s comments above. The timeframe is tight.

I don’t think Astro is too necessary, might cause a little friction but why not try it for a few of the days?


Im Excited To Join for this Event if Ever it will approved :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Also happy to approve. @GeorgePro1 please update your budget to include $USD amounts… and then you are good to go!

FYI the next step is to submit a payout proposal to the Marketing DAO and link to this Forum post Astro

Happy Christmas :christmas_tree:


Is this already started?? How can we know if this already started already. Any links attach for twitter accounts of the contest? Or any telegram or discord channel?

We will make announcement on Reddit and broadcast across all official communication channels of NEAR. Stay tuned :sunglasses: