[APPROVED] Celebrity NFT with Comedian Accapella

I talked about afroSTAR Guild expanding in march, we build with stars, we amove in with the first celebrity/influential personnel we will ever bring on the block chain NEAR Ecosytem. its time to start talking about Afrostar guild & NEAR PROTOCOL in the mainstream.

We are bringing A Popular stand up comedian COMEDIAN ACAPELLA on-board he’s a huge brand in africa with over 417,000 followers on his verified instagram page.

we will feature him to make an exclusive NFT Content Comedy skit for us,
in the story of this skit NEAR wallet will be presented well as means of money transfer, and as his job he already knows how to make the best funny videos for this!

We contacted his management, they charged us $2000, but we bargained to make the price cheaper, so our overall conclusion goes on $1000
$800 goes to himself, and his casts
$200 to the cinematographer for recording and editing

Hes gonna post the video on his instagram and twitter page for a wider range of people to see
hes gonna tag NEAR PROTOCOL, Mintbase, and Afrostar guild instagram account along.

We will make the content exclusive on our mintbase store so people can be diverted there to buy.




this is awsome, sterryo :sparkling_heart: yay cant wait :dancer:


this is great, bro. i cant wait for this in particular.

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Comedian Acapella, travelled for stage performance in UNITED KINGDOM we had to wait to his arrival before he could start our project,

dope one he came back on Sunday, we met,

him and his team Are starting the Video RECORDING ON Friday! :dancer: :partying_face:

@bgem @EVELYN @ifeoluwa

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Yes, Comedian Accapella’s content has been done and minted!
Trending widely on social media now, with the tag of Afrostar Guild and Mintbase in it!

His near wallet account: dollaremix.near

Mintbase link:

Instagram post got 34,573 views already

Facebook got 51,000 views already

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Hey, video description on Mintbase says “Nigerian Celebrity Comedian talks about the weird influx of contestant into presidency in coming Nigerian 2023 Election” and that isn’t the same as he talking and presenting NEAR Wallet. :neutral_face::eyes:

yea, at the end, he talked about him declaring the content as NFTs which is only available on afrostar Guild.
he tagged us on that post… we gained followers on our IG, and we onboard to our telegram group also… @Kv9990

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