[APPROVED] AfroStar Celebrity Content Creating APRIL

Weve Got

> SHARON A Popular ACTOR, INFLUENCER, Content Creator in Nigeria with 51k Followers on instagram with massive engagement.
We arranged a physical meeting introducing the web3 ecosystem to her and her crew.

Now we are creating a short movie content about the web3, NEAR Protocol, metaverse, and NFTs

featuring another influential content creator in Africa

This will be happening on Monday 04 April 2022!

Required Funding goes to

Renting Of Location $200
Charge for Sharon, Crew, Cinematographers, Editing, $800
Content Ad Sponsoring $100
Total $1,100
The Content is gonna be minted exclusively on our Afrostar store on mintbase
with split within every participant in the short movies NEAR Wallet address.

The pictures below show the organic views on her page.

@bgem @Duchess


this is sick !! uhhheeh

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bless boss, very good of you! cant wait to see hilarious comedian accapela’s epic content for :yum: and i know this will also be massive!

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Hey @sterryo, this Proposal Seems to be more of a Marketing side Than Creative. Would you mins Try Requesting funds under Marketing DAO

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Hi @Monish016 good morning from here monish

It’s a creative project

It’s content creation and minting

Same thing we did last month here [APPROVED] Celebrity NFT with Comedian Accapella - #4 by sterryo

Thank You

I hope u see that? @Monish016
AfroStar Guild is known for creating content with females creatives, celebrities, social influencers and minting them

Which the value of their influence also announces Our platform.

SHARON is an actor she who we are working with for this month.

I hope you now get this. Thank you

@Monish016 may be you’re making mistake understanding the content of this proposal, it’s more of creatives I don’t think it has anything to do with marketing.
SHARON is an Actor and a content creator.
She’s going to create a content about web3, NFT, metaverse and Near protocol.
Which will be minted on mintbase and will be airdropped to every participants in the movie minted…
We aren’t pushing anything as marketing here…

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SHARON has got a cue for our project which is said to be ready by 10 of may 2022 Here IS Gonna be updated as soon as she’s done!

Comedian ACCAPELLA Already made a massive one for us.