[APPROVED] AfroStar Guild April Influencer/Celebrity Project

Weve Got

ALEXSANDRA Another Popular Content Creator, S.M Influencer :star_struck: with 150k Followers on tik/tok with massive engagement.
We are bringing her into web3 Ecosytem creating content for which we gonna turn into NFTs for her, she can post the teaser of the NFTs on her Tik/Tok Page which will always bring traffic to mintbase and to our guild, which will introduce them to the ecosytem.

Required Funding goes to

Renting Of Location $200
Charge for Alex, Crew, Cinematographers, Editing, $800

Total $1000

The pictures below show the organic views on her page.

@bgem @Duchess @ifeoluwa

the previous one’s result on the reply session here,

SHARON’s project will continue when she’s bak from her tour.


awsome,only one ALEX Coming to our guild, :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: these influencers are deal, i bet!

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Yea, happy for the results too! It started with a dream

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The Positive-Sister Comedy by Our Onboard Star Girl Alex is ready and now minted.

It’s got 4,067 views already which lead few People into our DAO onboarded

@bgem @ifeoluwa

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