C1 TV creative workshop ( September )

Host: DedeukwuShryne

Medium: YouTube
Hii C1 Guild community and NEAR enthusiasts, I wish to propose again an onboarding strategy now coming back to aid our marketing / social strength. This C1 TV creative workshop will be scheduled to display every Tuesday 6:00 pm in our YouTube channel and the content achieved will be minted in our C1 Guild store with 30% back to the DAO as we work towards our custom NFT marketplace.

We plan to feature various forms of creativity from upcoming and celebrity content creators and have the creators or performers share their beginners story and why they do what they do, which will literally serve as an inspiration to rookies working towards building their craft.


-Accumulate NFTs of all kind to our store.

-Onboard creatives, expose them to NEAR web3 ecosystem and gift them a $NEAR wallet.

-Spread C1 vision and NEAR across the states of Nigeria.

-Share the value of interest to support creatives with $NEAR

-Creators bounty $25 worth of $NEAR x 4 weeks = $100

-Coverage and editing $50 X4 $200

-Host bounty $200

-Materials for content creations ( depend on craft) /miscellaneous/ space rent $250
@reespect @JCB
Total budget: $750
Targeted wallet: dedeukwu.near