[Approved] [BOUNTY] DJ for "The faces of the goddess" Gallery Show

Hi, peeps!

As some of you may know, we at INA DAO are having a Gallery show/party as a part of the Art Project “The faces of the godess”. The event will take place on April 18th in our Cryptovoxels art gallery at 18 GMT.

As such, we’re looking forward to including a DJ Set that can help us keep the spirits high during the event. If it sounds like you, please reply in comments with your social media profiles so that we can have a touch and feel of your work. We’ll prioritize artists that identify themselves as female and/or include the feminine in their work, in accordance with INA’s values and identity.

If you’re selected, we’ll ask you for a pre-recorded set with good-quality sound, so that we can stream it in the show. As per the reward, it will be 100 USD converted into Near DAI (stablecoin).

Please note, the deadline for submissions will be April 12th.

Please feel free to drop a message in our Telegram in case you have any queries. You can also find us on Instagram @ina__dao and on Twitter @dao_ina

Looking forward to your submissions. :sparkles:



happy to submit female DJ Ania Kintamani with the set :orange_heart:

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Hello! I am not a dj but. A female producer/vocalist/performer.

My works are almost all original compositions.
Here’s my stuff

@Mareelawn Instagram and facebook

muti.on - MareeLawn - YouTube link to video of a recent performance
Maree Lawn on youtube.

Hope you are well and hope to hear from you!


Hello, my name is Elena, im a Dj/Producer

My instagram:


My SoundCloud:

Check out MuLine on #SoundCloud

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Inna Tamu

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Hey Belen

I recently attended two Metaverse parties and it will be a pleasure to be able to collaborate with your project! Here’s a link to portfolio and playlists.

Good vibes!


@mayhd ahazaaaaa, always success :star_struck:


Yesss!! I love your sets ~ good vibes indeed!

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thank youuuu @LulucaL ! :blush:

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let’s go in the good vibes of the sound!

Hello, I’m a female producer, performer and visual & sound artist from Brazil. Here you can listen my music and find my others works

:heart: :rose:

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Hi all!

Thanks for your submissions, it was great to get to know such interesting profiles.

This time, we’ve decided to go with something different, and so we would love to have @Mareelawn with us!

Please stay tuned for more opportunities, as we intend to host one show per month. :fire:



Thank you!! How can we be in touch to discuss details further? :blue_heart: I’d love a little more info on the event