[Approved] Beat Meet by TYGS (Event)

TYGS is finally ready to rock with our first Battle event of our new season - Beat Meet and it’s scheduled for the 25th of June 2021!

There have been some changes & updates to the original proposal for TYGS and we’re updating our Roadmap. Now that Mintbase is ready we’ve gone ahead and deployed our store. We also have a social token $TYGS created for this season and beyond that will connect with our DAO. Our website has been revamped but still needs to be updated, but you can view it here.


  • DAOrecords
  • Mintbase
  • NxM
  • Audiato
  • Cipher
  • TokenSmart
  • Audius (TBC)

Team Members:

  • vandal.near
  • vforshort.near
  • akmal.near
  • irie.near


We want to make our metaverse debut special! But in order to do so we need some support to help cover the costs of various elements of the event.

We have a lot of members of NxM who are producers and we want to activate them! This is also a way for us to promote NxM, NEAR and Mintbase and onboard new users into the ecosystem, not to mention providing a unique entertainment experience to the community!

This includes the following:

  • Judges Stipend (x3)
  • Prizes (x3)
  • Guest DJ / Showcase (x1)
  • Airdrops (redpackets)
  • Onboarding (nearnames)
  • Event Management (DAOrecords x TYGS)
  • Livestream (Audiato)
  • Design & Video (TYGS)

Amount Requested:

500 N