[Approved] Aurobots - Print Production

Project: Aurobots
Region: US

Hey Near Forum, I’m Lomakin - the creator of Aurobots and the artist behind the collection. Aurobots is an official Aurora NFT Collection of 111 unique bots made to celebrate the Launch of Aurora+. The current Aurobots community is estimated to have nearly 90 individual holders.

I’m requesting one-time funding to produce a special Aurobot art piece - a limited edition print that can be claimed by the Aurobots holders and broader Aurora community members.

This initiative aims to provide continuing support to Aurobot holders and add value to the Aurora NFT culture. We want to create a truly unique work of art the Aurora community can enjoy.

There will be only 111 prints produced in total. The artwork will be printed using the highest quality museum paper by specialists from the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco. The print will be used as an exclusive promotional item by the Aurora team to give away to community contributors during social media challenges or NEAR user conferences and events. The artwork will act as a token of appreciation and the ultimate collectible. Each print will be signed and numbered by the artist.

Funding Details: $1,800 total


$500 - artwork production and operations management by Lomakin
$1000 - 16’ x 20’ print production and delivery ($8 per print)
$250 - miscellaneous expenses (special 16’ x 20’ shipping envelops and shipping fees for the full batch to be sent to Aurora HQ)
$50 - CEX transaction fees

Wallet: tedlasso.near
Twitter: MrBrownNFT


Hello Near community legend :heart_hands:. I’m happy to support your initiative.


Hi @LOMAKIN thnaks for your porposal. I like the idea of producing physical artworks to support and promote the Aurora NFT collection. I am happy to support and look forward to seeing an update when the prints are ready to be shipped


Hi @LOMAKIN thanks for the proposal. You have the support of two council members, and I note that your Twitter is well-followed, active and clearly influential in the NEAR ecosystem.

That said, I think we need to ask for the same level of information and detail as we’d ask for from any proposer. Here are my comments and questions – and I will also reach out to @dacha for additional background on your legendary status : )

  • This is your first time posting on the Forum. Can you provide additional informational about your background and involvement in the NEAR ecosystem?
  • This strikes me as more of a creative project and a fit for the CreativeDAO than the MarketingDAO. Have you reached out to the Creatives?
  • What is the timeline for executing on this project?
  • How does this project help meet and support the guidelines for MarketingDAO funding?


Hello - great questions! Here’s some background:

I’m an artist behind the Mr. Brown NFT collection on NEAR and Aurobot collection on Aurora. The Legendary status might be a stretch, but both collections definitely became artistic staples of Near Protocol with one of the strongest original NFT IPs. We released a mini-game on Near and added a lot of artistic value to the ecosystem, collaborating with Aurora, NEARWEEK, ShardDog, and FEW&FAR on NEAR Miami Art Basel debut.

This is my first time using the Forum, so I don’t know how it was assigned to Marketing DAO. I agree with you that the project I’m describing is more fitted for the Creatives DAO, but I haven’t reached out to them yet.

I’m currently waiting for the proof print to be delivered to confirm the quality. I assume with everything going well, and the full batch will be ready and shipped to Aurora HQ in mid-May. I will also be sharing the digital copy of the artwork so the Aurora team can airdrop it to Aurobot holders.

I checked the Guidelines, and I’d say if we keep this proposal under M DAO it will fall under Visual/Design quality content creation to both promote the native Aurora NFTs. It will also serve as a source of inspiration for the Aurora community and builders (most of them are Aurobot holders).

Please let me know if there are any other questions.


Thanks for your proposal and for addressing some of the questions from fellow Council Member,

I support this proposal. Notes -

  • MrBrown is a special collection in NEAR NFT History and Lomakin has a solid track record of special collaborations such as the creation of MrBrrr for Burrow Cash and Aurobots for Aurora.
  • I had the pleasure to get ‘get to know’ Lomakin at a more personal level on his podcast interview with Ready Layer One (Another Marketing DAO funded project).
  • Aurora is NEAR. Every tx on Aurora is a tx on NEAR. The success of one equals to the success of the other. Aurora just had major releases - let’s support them.
  • Finally, I also want to use this proposal as an example of a ‘creative’ proposal which is suitable for funding through Marketing DAO and would not be eligible for funding under current Creatives DAO guidelines.

Keep up the good work.

Changing the status of this proposal to Approved. Next steps:

  1. Create a Poll on AstroDAO including a link to this thread. Council members will formally vote to Approve there.
  2. Once approved on Astro, submit a Request for Payment to NEAR Foundation using Ironclad form.
  3. If you haven’t already, you will be asked to complete KYC with NF.
  4. Once KYC is done and form processed, funds will be transferred automatically to your nominated account.

Note: when filling out Ironclad form you will have the choice of receiving approved funds in unlocked NEAR tokens (USD equivalent at the time of payment) or in USDC. If you choose to receive tokens in NEAR, it is up to you to manage any potential price fluctuation risks.


I craeted the Astro DAO poll :wink:

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