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Hello everyone! cc @Dacha @satojandro @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint
We are back after 2 months operating at our own expenses. And we have a new proposal to submit.

  1. Our objectives
  • We are here to assist the community with following keys:
  • As to users: In staying with us, one can access Near products and platforms as easily as ever before. Our informative products help them easily skin in the game, learning about the latest news in the market, becoming a smart trader.
  • As to developers in the Near ecosystem: We support projects, especially newly developed projects that need to be marketed and promoted to reach users quickly, by communicating them to the community

2. Scope of work
We focus most of our resources on Twitter, which is our strength. Content will include:

3. KPI

  • Twitter: 47000 followers => 48000 followers
  • AMA: 6 - 8 AMAs per month (Listener: commit at least 100 participants)
  • Infgographics: 50 posts

4. Grants

=> Total: $2800
Wallet ID: near_insider.near

Note: @satojandro mentioned we have other external revenue streams. So I just want to clarify this issue. Most of the projects on Awesome have no revenue yet and they don’t have a budget for marketing. Some big projects that I know they have had revenue like Ref Finance, Stader or Metapool but the budget is also very tight, you can check the invoice I sent them

$1500 for 5 months an pay 3 times. So only $300/month

Next is Ref Finance, $1500 for 6 months, so only $250/month

These are considered big projects, so the question is how much money will they spend on new or small projects? almost no. I just want to make this clear.
But we do not focus on any one project but on creating content for the whole ecosystem, focusing on the Near ecosystem
For ex: https://twitter.com/near_insider/status/1633387681450442754

And now we want to focus on our Space AMA to bring more web3 people to the Near ecosystem

Thanks for supporting!

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Hello ! I’m happy to support you. Have a great weekend.

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Hi @near.insider – thanks for the proposal. I really respect the fact that you self-funded for two months and came back with a revised proposal that is taking into account MarketingDAO feedback. I also think you are smart to try focusing on your strongest platform, which is Twitter.

One thing I would like to see in your report and future tracking is how the engagement is going on the account – I think engagement on content is often a more important metric than follower count. If you can show engagement increasing over time, that will be helpful in determining future funding.

I’m happy to support this for a month to see how it progresses.

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Thanks for supporting Dacha

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Thanks, we’ll focus on your suggestion

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hi @near.insider also happy to support. Appreciate you have self-funded and taken into account the new Marketing DAO council suggestions. Now moving to Approved

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Thanks. We’ll send a report at the end of the month


I created the poll on AstroDAO. Please vote for it. Thank you very much!

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