[REPORT] April 2022 Monthly Report - Demonstra DAO

[REPORT] April 2022 Monthly Report - Demonstra DAO

Project Name : Demonstra DAO

Project Status: [ in progress ]

Project Accounting : current account balance 192.4694 NEAR

demonstra.sputnik-dao.near/ danimore.near

Updated Project Timeline :


  • We managed to increase the number of followers and greater engagement with our publications, creating greater interaction with people who are interested in the art produced by artists with disabilities. Our goal is to propagate and give visibility to this rich and powerful production and, through social networks, reach the entire artistic community and other sectors of society.

  • Having the support of Marketing DAO will allow us to increasingly expand our network of contacts through assertive tools to communicate our purposes with artists and the general public.



  • In April we grew in reach, engagement and interaction with our posts in instagram. Our reach grew 4.7% compared to the previous month. interactions with posts grew 57.5%. Content interaction grew 11.3%. We have progressively increased our reach and we intend to continue at this pace of growth.

Posts in April:

  • We created 9 posts and 47 stories in April, distributing the boosts across all publications. Our goal was to diversify posts to reach more people.


  • We made a newsletter talking about the guest artists at the Demonstra Residency. Our newsletter has a reach of 319 subscribers and is a way to reach people more directly.


  • We are learning how the Instagram boost for the Demonstra page works. We experimented with different ways of publishing (posts, reels, videos and stories) to understand how close each one of them is to our goal of reaching more people interested in our project. We distribute the requested boost value (100USD) in these different publications, changing the target audience and times. We believe that this way we will be able to realize how we have the best answer for our goals.

  • We realized the importance of having a communication and marketing professional focused on such matters and the collaboration with @yuli07 has been very good for her professionalism and commitment to the project.

  • It has been very important to work with design professionals to create the artwork for the posts, this reinforces and preserves the visual identity of the project and increasingly connects the audience to something. Working with @lucterra from CUDO DAO has been very positive for the creation of the video teasers, as shown in the video images below and the post link. And guidance and direction with Demonstra founder @dani has been essential to overall focus and purpose.

  • This April proposal for marketing-dao took almost a month to be approved which makes the workflow difficult. We believe it would be interesting to apply the next proposal for three months, making the work of the social media production more dynamic and assertive.

Nexts steps:

  • We intend to continue the actions of last month, improving the focus and reach of our project.

  • We also intend to create greater engagement and interaction with the audience that already follows us (11m), maintaining consistency in publications, through the creation of teasers created by CUDO DAO.

  • We also intend to reach an audience that does not yet know the project, through relevant and interesting content.

All are welcome to join us to talk and see our projects.

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