[APPROVED] Antimétodo II - online workshops - Nomade Label

Proponent: Blu Simon Wasem
NEAR account for payment: wasem_simon.near
Project Timeline: March 9 th – March 30 th 2022
Objective: Continuity to the proposal executed last month, of teaching art, theory and technique classes, though Zoom Meeting classes.
Four Professors will propose remote learning experiences, in 2-hour meetings.

The meetings will be mediated by the curator and producer Blu Simon Wasem, recorded and edited for uploads on Nomade Label channels (full version) and bilingual version on Gambiarra channel.

NFTs with the card for each class will be minted on Gambiarra Store, such as this piece:

Timeline: March Lineup schedule:

@pinkalsky Pinkalsky - 9/03 - Glitch text;
@ritamaria - 16/03 - Sound-Experienment: Telemátic Games;
@gushlewis - 23/03 - Meta Architecture;
@loveletterexe BioPlug - 30/03 - Thinking art on Metaspaces;

Meet the teachers:


Project coordenation - 100.0 USDT - tagget - wasem_simon.near
----------2.Teachers - 100.0 USDT - taggets bioplug.near + pinkalskyy.near
----2.fresher.minters - 100.0USDT - taggets to new accounts

----------------Total - 500.0USDT

Justification (benefits): Antimetodo is a series of online workshops with Brazilian artists from different backgrounds. Held in Portuguese, to bring the Portuguese-speaking public, which does not necessarily participate in the near ecosystem, but also presents an internal educational proposal within the community of Brazilian artists.

Last month, the first edition was held, with the participation of three teachers:
diegodeloscampos.near ; wasem_simon.near ; and fefernanda.near.
His subjects ranged from creative programming, through the philosophy of noise, and culminating in meta performance.

Building a culture is the basis of all financial, social, or spiritual development.No matter how useful art is, it serves no one, cause it is itself. But all sciences and all sectors of human community life depend on the ability of art to dream the impossible.

Supporting the continuity of this deconstructive education project, Gambiarra DAO benefits from this support by winning to its legacy, the record of this moment of exchanges, such as NFTs, and videos on its Youtube channel, as well as enabling synchronous meetings, through meetings via ZOOM.
This Zoom account year signature earned from the past proposal, make the actual proposal possible to join one more teach for this month.

For any mistakes or non-clear information, please correct me
@filmesdeinfiltracao @Dazo @thephilosopher


Great proposal!!!
We want more Antimetodos!!!


Hello Gambiarra Concil and Members
@thephilosopher @filmesdeinfiltracao @Dazo

I edited this post with substitution of one of our teachers ( Julia Katherine, not onboarded yet) to @ritamaria, also part of FEMINU and Gambiarra store

That will be a nice month!

let´s grow together


Uau! This is great! Julia is an amazing artist, but it’s really nice that people who are already part of the community and who are in Gambiarra and Feminu takes part of this project!

Really excited with the antimetodo of this month!!! :heart_eyes:


Hi @blusw … congratulations on the approval of this project.
Very good to know that even before starting we already have this chain connecting Antimetodo with Gambiarra and Feminu artists. This is our goal, to bring knowledge, interaction and opportunity to the community.
Success bro


i think we are reaching our goals here!

I learn alot everyday with this humans on the ecosystem
thanks @filmesdeinfiltracao @Dazo @ritamaria


Project Report of ​​[approved] Antimethod - Exposing Nomade Label’s Creative Proposal - for Gambiarra DAO

Project Status: in Progress

  • Executed 3 of 4 art classes with Brazillian artists from different backgrounds on zoom meeting rooms. The live class was recorded and this class was available on zoom cloud for a week;
    -Uploaded on Nomadelabel’s Youtube Channel

Poster NFTs

[Antimetodo] Jogos telemáticos para corpo-voz e baixa tecnologia com Ritamaria - 16/03/22 on Mintbase
[Antimétodo] Pixo Digital e Escrita as semântica com Pinkalsky 9/03/2022 on Mintbase
[Antimetodo] Oficina de Tecnopolítico, Criação e Mintagem Coletiva. on Mintbase
[Antimétodo] Meta-Arquitetura com Manute Gus - Nomade Label + Gambiarra DAO 2022-03-23 20.03.32 on Mintbase

all videos of antimetodo classes will be on nomadelabel´s youtube playlist:


@ghini @Dazo @filmesdeinfiltracao
cheers gambiarrers


@blusw Thank you a lot for your report! ANTIMÉTODO II it’s being a great school for all of us in Gambiarra and NEAR community. Such amazing artists sharing their knowledge, integrating and generating benefits and future collaborations!
I am very grateful for all the learning!
And it is essential that the project continues next month!


@blusw I agree with @filmesdeinfiltracao Antimetodo is a very well designed, accomplished and important project for the community. I had the opportunity to participate in “Jogos Temáticos” conducted by @ritamaria and it was amazing. Congratulations!


I would also would like to express my feeling about the mutual support between Gamibiarra DAO/community members and Nomadelabel family. It has being a great pleasure to start to develop Antimétodo via Gmb DAO, cause it fits with the whole process of experimentation, diversity, creative and wild Brazilian spirit, were no one its actually a teacher or pupil, we are all everybody learning together with this process of grow.

If in one hand, nomadelabel has it´s specific ethical/aesthetically proposition, all artists from the label are also collaborators on Gambiarra. We believe in this place of exchange knowledge, life experiences, respect and other commune goals, not just in this ecosystem, but as humans.

Thanks concil members: @Ghini @Dazo @filmesdeinfiltracao
Thanks teachers: @ritamaria @Gus @pinkalsky @loveletterexe
Special thanks : @Natashacremonese our social media support

All you guys are doing a great job
it means alot to me

Lets grow!!

long life #gambiarra-dao #nomadelabel-dao and all the community.


Hi @blusw … congratulations for one more month of Antimetodo and one more month of shared learning.
In Gambiarra we are enjoying the way that Antimetodo has been adding knowledge to the entire Near community.