[PROPOSAL] Music video for the first track of The ALL BLACK;THE EP project titled "NOTHING"

Title; proposal for a Music video for the first track "Nothing " off The ALL BLACK ; THE EP PROJECT [Approved] ALL BLACK ; The Ep
Project duration: October 1st -30th

First off a huge thank you to the Creative Dao/Nxm Council members for aiding me in creating the master piece and overall success of “ALL BLACK:THE EP” and I’m pleased to inform the council that the project All black; THE EP has been successfully minted and listed on September 10 as stated in the report.
In our endeavour to further promote the project alongside the awareness creation and possible on boarding of new creatives into the ecosystem we’re looking to create a nice and detailed music video for the song titled “Nothing” the First track off the recently completed project “ALL BLACK ;THE EP” Scarman - Nothing by nxm.mintbase1.near on Mintbase
The video is going to be directed and videographed by the prolific director Reelbymeeky and his team ,here is a link to his profile on Instagram - https://instagram.com/reelbymeeky?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
The Video will be promoted across all Social media platforms and also on the Scarman diop’s YouTube channel https://youtube.com/channel/UCV8qyKg38eG0pB1b0l1BNFAl
So we’re requesting for funding to make our intended plans run smoothly and also get the word out/exposure on how NEARXMUSIC is impacting lives of creatives and their grow via web3.
Ps. Upon approval we have plans to get engaged in various activities to get the project and word out with various daos in the ecosystem e.g the Creator focus by spirityutdao that will be kicking off this october e.t.c
Thus we’re Requesting for $500 in NEAR
Which will be spent thus
Production crew(including director):$200
Equipment/props acquisition: $100
Logistics/Location: $80
Post production editing: $100
Miscelleneous funds: $20.

Total :$500
Request for 50% (250usd) of the funds for commencement of the project and 50% after completion.
Thank you.

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